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Dynasty reboot - who’s watching?

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dingdongdigeridoo Sat 28-Oct-17 00:38:36

Until I saw it pop up on Netflix, I had no idea Dynasty was back!

I was too young to watch the original, so don’t have a frame of reference, but it’s a fun show. The creators of Gossip Girl are involved, so there are lots of gowns and beautiful people.

Fallon seems to be the best character so far, although I love that Jim Robinson from Neighbours is their butler. Crystal is quite annoying, as is the brother, but it’s picking up.

Who else is watching?

Butterymuffin Sat 28-Oct-17 00:44:05

Oh, if it's available now then I'll be watching. I'm up for some rebooted OTT drama with extravagant outfits. Loved the original. There's lots of it on YouTube if you want to compare.

LoveProsecco Sat 28-Oct-17 01:45:02

I love it! It’s trashy and relax

LoveProsecco Sat 28-Oct-17 01:45:48

^ and relaxing to watch

SavageBeauty73 Sat 28-Oct-17 02:07:30

Absolute trash but enjoying it.

I was a massive Dynasty fan in the '80's. Used to sneakily stay up and watch it.

Snowyloveismyporname Sat 28-Oct-17 02:15:24

I am loving it , love the glamour , the clothes , cars, jewels . And I fancy Blake, I want him to be my second husband . Love the trash factor . Pure escapism .
Can't believe it's got such bad reviews ... it's meant to be rubbish isn't it ? That's the point ?

TowerRingInferno Sat 28-Oct-17 22:45:42

It’s absolute drivel but absolutely fabulous! Can’t wait for the next installment.
I wasn’t allowed to watch the original ones.

ellenanora5 Sun 29-Oct-17 01:29:16

A Dynasty remake, woohoo grin I'll be looking for it tomorrow, loved Alexis, what a bitch she was.

So we've had Dallas, now Dynasty, is Falcon Crest next, or even better Knots Landing, I'll feel like a teenager again smile

QueenOfTheAndals Tue 07-Nov-17 10:16:22

It's trashy but fun and the actors ham it up nicely. Can't wait to see who gets cast as Alexis, but those are HUGE stilettos to fill!

I was a Melrose Place fan in the 90s and Grant Show has aged very well, hasn't he?

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