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Louis Theroux: Dark States - Murder in Milwaukee

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purpleme12 Sun 22-Oct-17 23:23:03

Did anyone watch it? Watching this one I find it all shocking. The gun mentality. How common gunshots are. It's really scary.

gaggiagirl Sun 22-Oct-17 23:35:06

Yes just finished it now.
I've rarely seen Louis look so rattled as he did at that crime scene. It was so sad.

AldiDudey Sun 22-Oct-17 23:36:43

Love Louis, I agree he looked so uncomfortable. Imagine having to live like that. So sad.

MyBrilliantDisguise Sun 22-Oct-17 23:39:29

Louis is the man we should be judging all others against.


purpleme12 Sun 22-Oct-17 23:43:08

I found this one the most shocking and most depressing. I can't even imagine. It seemed like the police were a bit corrupt too and they needed to do more to build bridges and things too. Just seemed like everything needed to change!

RJnomore1 Sun 22-Oct-17 23:45:43

I watched this with dh and we were both shocked. Sometimes I feel we are out of touch with the reality of a lot of people's lives near us in semi rural Scotland but this was a whole new level.

I thought the woman - Shanda? - was amazing, fostering kids and having to bath with a shotgun.

gaggiagirl Mon 23-Oct-17 00:02:28

She was such a strong woman! I admired her.

purpleme12 Mon 23-Oct-17 00:04:48

But she murdered someone when she was 13

JustDanceAddict Mon 23-Oct-17 11:49:43

Yes, it was shocking.

MrsJayy Mon 23-Oct-17 12:24:25

It was totally terrifying the foster mother with her gun collection no wonder Louis needed a vodka she had her first baby at 13 and her first murder at 15, bloody hell.

MrsJayy Mon 23-Oct-17 12:26:11

Thing is guns were their norm death was their norm they expected to die by gun at somepoint.

JaneJeffer Wed 25-Oct-17 23:37:41

Just watching this now. How the hell did this become a way of life or was it always like this in America? It's awful.

Nonibaloni Wed 25-Oct-17 23:50:31

I love Louis. It should be mandatory watching. I love the way he doesn’t draw conclusions and can put people at ease.
Shocking documentary though, what a way to live. And completely overlooked

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