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dillite Sun 15-Oct-17 20:48:31

Sorry i killed the last thread

Raahh Sun 15-Oct-17 20:49:07


dillite Sun 15-Oct-17 20:49:10

I also apologise for forgetting how to grammar

nancy75 Sun 15-Oct-17 20:49:41

It’s been years since we filled a thread!

Piggywaspushed Sun 15-Oct-17 20:50:14

Right ... could Aled not have been involved in the Love Childing of the Mr Tumbles?

nicenewdusters Sun 15-Oct-17 20:50:22

Yay, can't watch without the thread.

Raahh Sun 15-Oct-17 20:50:32

It's all getting very tense.. or not.

I don't really want to listen to them singing again grin

dillite Sun 15-Oct-17 20:51:12

It's been years since I was actually paying more attention to my TV than this thread

nicenewdusters Sun 15-Oct-17 20:51:26

Sorry Alex, you're a one-trick pony. See ya.

NoisyBrain Sun 15-Oct-17 20:51:31

Benji looks like he's going to puke

Raahh Sun 15-Oct-17 20:51:31

I don't think Benji will survive the live shows.

My dog just started growling grin

dillite Sun 15-Oct-17 20:52:01

Did he just shit himself? Is that what he was checking for?

Why is Nicole making it all about herself? She is seriously getting on my goat now

nancy75 Sun 15-Oct-17 20:52:14

Mr Tumble is proud

Piggywaspushed Sun 15-Oct-17 20:52:21

He definitely actually did bark

nicenewdusters Sun 15-Oct-17 20:52:21

Go Benji.

MusicToMyEars800 Sun 15-Oct-17 20:52:35

dillite I agree, That movie was awful, I've not seen the second one.
There's is going to be another book released next month, it will be called Darker and it's the second book, but from his side of things hmm

The80sweregreat Sun 15-Oct-17 20:52:37

Benji, making dogs howl everywhere.

Raahh Sun 15-Oct-17 20:52:41

Oh lord.

Benji will self combust.

nancy75 Sun 15-Oct-17 20:52:52

Fat Aled!!!

nicenewdusters Sun 15-Oct-17 20:53:05

Did he really bark ?!!

NoisyBrain Sun 15-Oct-17 20:53:15

Bloody hell Louis!

nancy75 Sun 15-Oct-17 20:53:18

Go fat Aled go!

MusicToMyEars800 Sun 15-Oct-17 20:53:22

I started another thread too grin Panicked a bit, my laptop lagged, and then the thread was full.

Piggywaspushed Sun 15-Oct-17 20:53:26

Dakota Johnson is so flat chested she doesn't even need a bralette.

suckitupbuttercups Sun 15-Oct-17 20:53:34

I don’t have enough wine for this !

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