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Mindhunter - Netflix

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MsGameandWatching Fri 13-Oct-17 22:31:33

Mad Men with serial killers. Two episodes in and it's really good.

Anyone watching?

Rollergirl11 Fri 13-Oct-17 22:35:00

How funny. I just came on to see if there was a thread about it. I’m currently watching episode 2. It’s very interesting! I love this kind of stuff.

Do you think the photocopy guy that we saw is meant to be a serial killer?

Summerisdone Sat 14-Oct-17 00:12:18

I've just finished the entire series (it's been a slow day of looking after a poorly toddler who has slept mostly, except when he's been throwing up).

I really enjoyed it. I found it interesting to think that this wasn't really all that long ago, but still the FBI hadn't yet thought of using psychology to catch serial killers and such.

somewhereovertherain Sat 14-Oct-17 14:44:58

Currently binge watching with a bad back. Took a couple of episodes to get going but now very good.

PhyllisWig Sun 15-Oct-17 21:43:53

Another loving this. Am up to episode 5 and proper hooked.

lostlalaloopsy Mon 16-Oct-17 21:06:45

I'm watching and totally hooked!! On episode 6 already. I've read it's already been renewed for another series!

MsGameandWatching Tue 17-Oct-17 00:08:44

It fascinates me that the actor who plays Holden also voices Kristoff in Frozen grin

GeekyWombat Tue 17-Oct-17 00:12:24

How scary is this? I'm a wuss so need a bit of a gauge please. Love the idea of it, but also like sleeping at night!

TitaniasCloset Tue 17-Oct-17 00:14:54

I love it, was binge watching today. I love all this criminal profiling stuff, ever since I first saw Silence of the Lambs and wanted to grow up to be Clarice Starling grinI missed my dream job there.

TitaniasCloset Tue 17-Oct-17 00:16:45

It's not scary in a gruesome bloody way Geeky but it does make you think. I'm feeling particularly man hating today after watching it and some threads on here that pissed me off.

Rollergirl11 Tue 17-Oct-17 15:38:29

I have the last episode to go! Have really enjoyed this series. I hope you find out who the guy is that’s been at the beginning of each episode?

Very graphic sex scenes between Holden and his girlfriend. Good on him considering the actor is gay.

Rollergirl11 Wed 18-Oct-17 17:51:11

I watched the last one. It’s very good and looking forward to the next series!

Holden had really changed by the end of it. It’s totally stripped him of the naivety and innocence he had at the beginning.

SchadenfreudePersonified Wed 18-Oct-17 20:21:02

Ladies - you have talked me into it!

Netflix on - check

Cuppa tea - check

Biscuits (Ringtons gingersnaps) - check

Large orange cat - check

Small black dog - check

Cushion for back - check


Doesn't get any better than this . . . . smile

TitaniasCloset Wed 18-Oct-17 21:15:59

I finished watching it today, then my wifi went kaput, at least it let me watch the end before it did that smileCan't wait for the next series.

tumbletastic Thu 19-Oct-17 12:07:06

Is this based on John Douglas from the FBI? Was going to watch, funnily enough mind hunter is his only book I haven't read.

Pradaqueen Thu 19-Oct-17 12:12:51

Ooh am I the only one who watched the first two episodes and thought - where is the plot in this? Does it genuinely get any better? I am hugely underwhelmed so far?

TitaniasCloset Thu 19-Oct-17 12:34:45

There are books tumble? I need these books. I'm Clarice in my own imagination I love this stuff.

CourtneyLoveIsMySpiritAnimal Thu 19-Oct-17 14:08:18

prada it definitely gets better. I was a bit meh after the first two or three but I think they’ve just taken time to set the scene. I was hooked by the time it finished and can’t wait for S2.

SchadenfreudePersonified Thu 19-Oct-17 14:16:18

Watched the first three last night - am hooked!

Looked up Edmund Kemper online and the actor that plays him seems to have got the look and manner down to a tee.

Rollergirl11 Thu 19-Oct-17 15:06:00

I watched the first episode and didn’t think much of it initially. I think it was the pilot. The acting was very wooden. As soon as Holden gets paired up with the other FBI agent it becomes much better. There is a travel scene in one of the earlier episodes which is pure David Fincher a’ la Fight Club. Their relationship is very pleasurable to watch. Reminded me a little bit of Woody Harrelson and Matthew Mcconaughey in True Detective.

implantsandaDyson Thu 19-Oct-17 15:46:05

I loved it, I watched it all over 2 days blush. I really enjoyed how the procedure and profiling evolved - how they brought in terms such as stressors, serial killer and how the whole idea of identifying markers and shared traits and how motives for murder etc had changed. I loved the relationship between the two agents and then how the dept grew with more staff and how technology changed from them lugging about the tape recorder and microphone to the smaller recording devices. I also thought some of the dialogue was very good. The music was fab too.

I think the next series will have fast forwarded a few years into the 80s - certainly if you Google who I think the killer that you glimpse "getting ready" is that brings you on a few years.

tumbletastic Thu 19-Oct-17 20:33:02

Yes John Douglas wrote a series of books after leaving the behavioural unit at the FBI. 1 was on the btk and others about cases that haunted him and others about sexual predictors, very interesting and sad as they are based on the true crimes that he investigated. I am so much more aware of dangers that lurk around the corners after reading them!! Especially after reading btk book.
He helped create the behavioural profiling unit and thus the way that the FBI profile serial killers. Probably nothing to do with tv show as I haven't watched yet just thought on the trailer they said John so was assuming it was based in his books.

TitaniasCloset Fri 20-Oct-17 00:54:00

Oh thanks that really interests me. I shall have to search for the books now.

jay55 Fri 20-Oct-17 06:52:23

I’m only 2 espisodes in. He’s like an American cracker in training. It is fascinating.

badbadhusky Fri 20-Oct-17 07:15:17

I finished ep6 last night and am loving it. Stumbled on it entirely by accident - I needed to iron a dew things, it came up as the Netflix top recommendation so I selected. DH took over the ironing when I went to shower and I was amazed to find him still watching it when I came back, as he's not keen on police procedural. He told me I'd accidentally found something really classy. grin The style, tone and pace reminds me of Masters of Sex. The actor that plays Holden is great. (And Zachary Quinto's ex squeeze.) I also like the strong, interesting female characters. Tench is a surprisingly sympathetic character too, particularly as he comes across very old school at the beginning.

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