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Cirb your Enthusiasm starts tomorrow night

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EachandEveryone Sun 01-Oct-17 22:56:51

Should be pretty good. I know its not everyones cup of tea but i cant bloody wait!

MyBrilliantDisguise Sun 01-Oct-17 22:57:39

Oh I love this! I didn't realise there was a new series.

Fluffymonkey Sun 01-Oct-17 23:09:21

Fuck you, you car-wash cunt.

AtrociousCircumstance Sun 01-Oct-17 23:10:22

Oh fuck. Not the 'stop-and-chat'.


EachandEveryone Sun 01-Oct-17 23:30:12

I cant remember the last season was it New York?

Fekko Sun 01-Oct-17 23:31:38

Any good? The last series was not!

EachandEveryone Mon 02-Oct-17 00:04:02

It had its moments was that the Parkinsons?

MyBrilliantDisguise Mon 02-Oct-17 10:28:30

I liked it best when Cheryl was in. Susie's my favourite, though - when you see her face as she's revving up, it's hilarious (and I know exactly how she feels!)

EachandEveryone Mon 02-Oct-17 10:32:32

I think Cheryl is back. Jeff has lost so much weight!

MyBrilliantDisguise Mon 02-Oct-17 10:51:30

Do you remember the episode where he thanked his friend for paying for a meal, but refused to thank his wife because she didn't go to work and hadn't paid for it? He was very brave doing that!

MyBrilliantDisguise Mon 02-Oct-17 10:51:46

Brave because of the backlash, I mean!

EachandEveryone Mon 02-Oct-17 14:44:20

What did Cheryl do really? It was always a funny marriage. I wonder why they never had kids and what happened to susies pregnancy?!!!!

Fekko Mon 02-Oct-17 15:49:45

She was an actress wasn't she?

EachandEveryone Mon 02-Oct-17 17:15:35

Well she did the Vagina Monologues im not sure what else!

BossaDad Mon 02-Oct-17 17:19:28

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Fekko Mon 02-Oct-17 17:20:03

Was she going to be on the seinfield reunion!

EachandEveryone Mon 02-Oct-17 18:16:28

Maybe I kind of switched off tomher once they had separated. Whatever happened to his gf with cancer? Loretta?

Fekko Mon 02-Oct-17 18:25:28

He was very keen to dump her. Didn't he just act more awful than usual and she walked out on her?

EachandEveryone Mon 02-Oct-17 19:18:26

The Doll is my favourite

Fekko Mon 02-Oct-17 21:49:48

Oooh, it's got to be beloved aunt.

EachandEveryone Mon 02-Oct-17 23:21:22

It took awhile to get going but i was in tears by the end

EnthusiasmIsDisturbed Mon 02-Oct-17 23:39:02

I thought it was great I love LD

Beloved Aunt is my favourite I love Jeff's parents they were absolutely great

Followed by The Doll and The Group

EachandEveryone Mon 02-Oct-17 23:51:31

Don't forget the Bare Midriff

EachandEveryone Tue 03-Oct-17 19:46:28

Did anyone watch it?

QueenoftheAndals Tue 03-Oct-17 20:32:21

I'm really hoping art imitates life and Larry ends up incensed to find out that Cheryl is marrying a Kennedy!

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