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Doc Martin is back...

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Clawdy Wed 20-Sep-17 22:14:37

With all the old it. But really hoped Janice and Penhale would marry, their little scene at the end of the last series was lovely.

Uumellmahaye Wed 20-Sep-17 22:18:27

Am I the only one who can't stand 'Louisa'? She gives me the rage

Clawdy Wed 20-Sep-17 22:27:46

She can be annoying, but I really want her and the doc to stay together!

EnthusiasmIsDisturbed Wed 20-Sep-17 22:56:29

I loved it

Its always great

Slartybartfast Thu 21-Sep-17 06:29:47

well it was ok, sometimes it can go ott but yes it was almost back on form.

Susiesoap7 Thu 21-Sep-17 09:55:31

Love doc Martin I want to live there and be a dopey shop assistant!

smallmercys Thu 21-Sep-17 10:17:06

Louisa is a little prickly but maybe that's intentional to provoke the standoffs between her and the Doc?

When the Doc got thinner it seemed to me the character lost some of his bolshyness, he looked more comfortable, even in his jimjams.

I like the eccentric aunts, I hope there is another one tucked away somewhere in Cornwall.

And the dotty receptionists, maybe it's time for a gay one (sent from the big city) with an even more lively social life!

I wish I could perfect some of Mrs Tishell's put downs too! ("If you're self-medicating you only have yourself to blame for those lumps") smile

beachcomber243 Thu 21-Sep-17 10:40:24

Enjoyed the return of Dr Martin but find Joe's stupidity wearing. The new curate was great, loved her.

Clawdy Thu 21-Sep-17 10:43:55

Joe is very funny, though! Love the way almost all the original cast are still there, and enjoying their roles.

Hillingdon Thu 21-Sep-17 12:20:09

Martin Clunes is just so great in this role. Penhale is rather funny and that scenery is great.

Kannet Thu 21-Sep-17 12:22:48

I predict the jo and the vicar will get together

cushioncovers Sat 30-Sep-17 15:37:10

I'm enjoying it. Doesn't change much does it. Smiled at Doc Martin continuing to order his fish at the restaurant as the conversation turned awkward when the affair was revealed 😂.

Louisa is annoying me a bit with her constant referring to not having enough time for the baby but then decides to work and train to be a child therapist at the same time🤔

mamatobabes Sat 30-Sep-17 15:39:44

Oh I love Doc Martin! We always pop into Port Issac (Portwenn) when we're on holiday in Cornwall. Gorgeous place.

woodhill Sun 01-Oct-17 15:11:46

Love the way Louisa has time to run round to a pupils house and run the school single handedly.

Wish my doc was as available as DM and you could walk in

MrsSiba Sat 07-Oct-17 20:09:32

So glad this is back. Love Doc Martin's characte and bluntness. So funny. Easy watching. The doc's ability to diagnose various conditions on first glance always make me smile.

Agree Louisa can be a bit annoying but then she is putting up with DM. 😊

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