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JamOrCreamFirst Wed 20-Sep-17 17:59:17

Anyone seen this on Dave? Occasional funny moments but mainly a load of shite. How did they get Rutger Hauer and Kelsey Grammer to appear in this? Are they blackmailing them?

BrownJenkins Thu 21-Sep-17 16:37:27

My thoughts exactly.
Just happened to change channel and couldn't believe it, Rutger Hauer.
Looking his age now but still does it for me.
The funniest bit was when Kelsey Grammer got the electric shock.
Will give it another try though, just to see Rutger blush

Walnutwhiplash Thu 21-Sep-17 19:00:15

The trailer with KG made me watch. I've seen 2 eps now and it's ... ok. Totally punching above its weight with the amazing expensive cast!

Twitchingdog Fri 22-Sep-17 01:43:43

I have seen 1st episode and thought it funny . Will watch the rest . Comedy series take a while to warm up.

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