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Rellik - BBC1 9pm

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noradurst Mon 11-Sep-17 17:21:08

Another Williams brothers' collaboration - which is competing with Liar tonight!

"A serial killer thriller told in reverse, unravelling the truth behind a series of murders as DCI Gabriel Markham hunts down a brutal killer."

The lead character is played by Beric from Game of Thrones (Richard Dormer). Sounds very good. Anyone watching this? Leave your reviews below.

LineysRunner Mon 11-Sep-17 21:12:36

I've got it on, but I'm not riveted.

myusernameisnotmyusername Mon 11-Sep-17 21:21:49

I'm not getting it right now grin

IfYouGoDownToTheWoodsToday Mon 11-Sep-17 21:22:04

I've switch d it offhmm. The first few minutes scared me.

Am watch My Fatal Attractuon instead. Will read this thread though to see what you all think.

myusernameisnotmyusername Mon 11-Sep-17 21:24:36

I'm trying to remember the first few minutes and forgotten already!

LineysRunner Mon 11-Sep-17 21:26:17

I've turned over to a documentary on Norman architectural history.

mumdebump Mon 11-Sep-17 21:30:58

Just about to give up on this. Finding it hard to follow and rewind effects, choppy scenes and loud background are just too much of an assault on the senses. Might switch over to Liar but if that's crap too then I think that's third strike and out for the Williams brothers writing (the Missing series 2 was 8 hours of my life that I'm never getting back)

myusernameisnotmyusername Mon 11-Sep-17 21:31:00


mumdebump Mon 11-Sep-17 21:32:22

Lineysrunner what channel?

myusernameisnotmyusername Mon 11-Sep-17 21:32:28

Yes I also didn't think series 2 of The Missing was all that good. The filming of the rewound bits is good but I can't keep track of what happened when and don't understand why some of the bits are rewinding iyswim

LineysRunner Mon 11-Sep-17 21:33:38

I've got it on BBC4, mumdebump.

EarlessToothlessVagabond Mon 11-Sep-17 21:33:42

I have no idea what's going on. I do have the attention span of a gnat though. Can anyone summarise please?!

LineysRunner Mon 11-Sep-17 21:35:18

The Missing #1 was superb. I did stick with The Missing #2 But mostly because of the brilliant thread on MN, not the programme.

Oblomov17 Mon 11-Sep-17 21:36:02

Might sky+ it, along with liar. Like Dormer.

myusernameisnotmyusername Mon 11-Sep-17 21:37:33

Me too earless. I can't help looking at my phone while watching as well!

RolfNotRudolf Mon 11-Sep-17 22:05:31

I loved both Missings, but that series the Williams brothers did in between the two series was rubbish (can't remember the name, but was about a number of people who agreed together to bury dead body on a Scottish farm.)
So far Rellik is better but I'll wait to see how it goes. Seems they're going for a Scandi Noir vibe.

Blondeshavemorefun Tue 12-Sep-17 00:38:54

ON planner. Havnt read any replies

Watching as said was like the missing

noradurst Tue 12-Sep-17 01:21:42

I loved both Missings, but that series the Williams brothers did in between the two series was rubbish (can't remember the name, but was about a number of people who agreed together to bury dead body on a Scottish farm.)

One Of Us! It really was crap. I didn't think S2 of The Missing was all that great, tbh, but One Of Us made it look like Shakespeare. grin

I liked Rellik. I felt it definitely could have been better - agree with the PP who says that the rewinds seemed random at times. And, oh wow, a grumpy cheating cop with a tragic past who his partner wants to shag anyway. Never seen that one! I don't know what will be more predictable: if she continues to bat her eyelids at him nonstop for the whole 6 episodes, or if it turns out she's the killer and is just doing it to throw him off the scent.

Deux Tue 12-Sep-17 12:56:03

I was looking forward to this but I found it so confusing and I've no idea of timelines at all. I think I might watch future episodes on the iPad and with subtitles on as that makes me concentrate. I think I've got the gist of it though.

cowgirlsareforever Tue 12-Sep-17 13:00:58

Didn't grab me i'm afraid.

KurriKurri Tue 12-Sep-17 13:32:56

Totally lost the thread after about ten minutes and gave up. I watched the thing on ITV - not terribly rivetting either at least I could follow it grin

MrsDoylesTeabags Tue 12-Sep-17 18:12:20

I didn't enjoy it. It's a shame because it's an interesting idea but I found the characters predictable and annoying and couldn't care enough about them to stick with it

BeyondLimitsAndWhatever Wed 13-Sep-17 08:55:54

Giving it a go, I'm another who stuck with the second season of the missing just cause of the thread here grin

First one was interesting, but hasn't massively grabbed me yet. Will stick with it though as it wasn't bad enough to put me off!

flissfloss65 Thu 14-Sep-17 23:23:57

Only just realised the title follows the story style, killer backwards!

Wormulonian Fri 15-Sep-17 09:38:00

I was coming down with flu/virus and the choppy scenes and rewinding made me feel physically sick. It seemed very pedestrian and generic. Fed up of seeing young nubile women paired with much older men. After the generic sex scene in the car culminating in the main character cruelly chucking the young officer out as if she was trash - but hey, it's okay because he has a burnt face and a traumatic past - I turned over

I'm really fed up of crime drama there is so little other drama except for the odd classic book turned into a pedestrian period drama. No wonder the bonkers Dr Foster is getting good ratings - at least it's a change.

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