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campingismyjam17 Mon 11-Sep-17 10:30:22

I was really looking forward to this but it was all a bit 'meh'. I was bored. What did others make of it?

I still love Bobby and was pleased to see some of the old gang back like lauren and Mario, perhaps it was the setting, I don't know. The scenery was lovely though and it did look hot.

campingismyjam17 Mon 11-Sep-17 10:31:46

I just think the whole gold leaf/glitter thing has been done to death.

PointlessUsername Mon 11-Sep-17 10:36:21

I found myself waiting for it to Finish so i could go to bed. Same story lines.

Only two people i like now are Chloe Sims and Diags.

anonpost Mon 11-Sep-17 13:16:50

Mike Hassini is looking hot! Can't stand any of the new girls, Yaz, Amber etc, they're just so boring and fake. So glad to see Lauren Pope and Mario back

sheldonesque Mon 11-Sep-17 14:32:03

Sigh. If I see one more person clarted in glitter I'm going to eat my weight in sequins.

Winter work done - webuyanyshoite.faiivepahnds and moneysmarket ads. Granted not everyone can pull off bright blue lycra but Queen C can. It is all about the money making opportunities; they are like moths to a flame. Which, ironically, shouldn't be anywhere near bright blue lycra or faiivepahnd polyester...

I can't be bothered with snipey Chlo. She comes across as someone who will be your friend - just as long as you are right up her arse. He-man needs to tell her to wind her neck in.

campingismyjam17 Mon 11-Sep-17 16:16:07

I used to like Chloe Sims, but there was just something about her last night that I didn't like. A lot of them looked quite bored too TBH.

Kinraddie Tue 12-Sep-17 15:57:58

Did Chloe Lewis actually speak in that episode? Amber is such a joyless person, how is that attractive to anyone? One of the new girls looked so like Danielle, had to do a double take. Still like Chloe Sims and Pete, wish they would just make up and move forward.

campingismyjam17 Tue 12-Sep-17 17:04:51

I must admit I thought Danielle had come back too.

campingismyjam17 Tue 12-Sep-17 17:32:36

Amber does always look miserable.

sheldonesque Tue 12-Sep-17 21:39:22

Chloe L did speak. It is just that she always says something dull and it is said super quickly.

You can easily mistake it for the noise of a wasp.

Christmastree43 Wed 13-Sep-17 21:06:36

New girls are rough 😳 Although I do think everyone was struggling to look ok in the heat. The fake lips and fake boobs are getting beyond a joke on this show though, so so unnatural, bulbous and tacky 😦

I always love the naff and low budget extras/ background dancers 😂

Shocker that Pete and Megan are on again.. not even worth a bet they'll be off again by the end of the series

Blondeshavemorefun Wed 13-Sep-17 22:19:58

Same old drival

But I love it

What the he'll was JEMMA wearing ?????

sheldonesque Wed 13-Sep-17 23:47:59

So Pete and Megan are isolating themselves?

Nah bruv. That grinning bastart skull is isolating them with her shit-stirring. You don't care? You don't have any feelings? Fine. Then shut it.

El had such a lucky escape there.

It is hilarious that Pete is getting called a drip. By the heaving hulk of manhood that is Gatsby... hmm

And T&G holding court? Dreadful, nasty pair. You don't like someone? Fine. Just keep away. Once you've removed yourself from the self proclaimed Queen Bee's arse.

Lauren and John always on the cards? Okay then.

PointlessUsername Thu 14-Sep-17 08:54:03

I do think Megan is somewhat to blame.

Pete listened to her when she was talking about how great it is to have made up with Chloe M & Courtney.

He tried to do the same about Lockie calling, her face changed straight away and i imagine if the camera wasnt there he would have got it in the neck.

MiniCooperLover Thu 14-Sep-17 09:22:26

Lockie is the colour of mahogany?!? 😂

MiniCooperLover Thu 14-Sep-17 13:28:22

Lauren P was pretty rude to Jon. 'I didn't think you'd have much to say' ...

sheldonesque Thu 14-Sep-17 14:22:28

I can't imagine Megan would give Pete the easiest of rides but neither does Chloe. They seem to be battling over him for some reason and I think they have both been shitty with Pete. He should stand up for himself. Perhaps Gatsby is right...

I would be choosing isolation if inclusion meant being sat with that clique though. Nasty bunch.

Lockie obviously had his summer advert with Cuprinol. Or Marmite.

Lauren P may have been rude. I'm still agog Jon is watching documentaries instead of cartoons.

It is ridiculous. But strangely addictive. grin

MiniCooperLover Mon 18-Sep-17 08:56:22

Definite GC jealousy with regards to Lauren P and Jon Clarke as she's always been after him ....

Christmastree43 Thu 21-Sep-17 17:23:28

I thought it looked like Yasmin may have had a nose job so googled and yes she has... shame 😟 Her face has lost a lot of character, looks like she's had lip fillers too

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