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Doctor foster

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pineappleeyes Sat 02-Sep-17 22:05:43

Dr Foster is back on Tuesday

I vaguely remember this. Can someone jog my memory please? Also how did it end ?

Paddington68 Sat 02-Sep-17 22:13:50

Her husband went off with the other woman and her baby. She saved a man dying of a heart attack.

OutandIntoday Sat 02-Sep-17 22:14:59

The whole of series 1 is on iplayer - i can't remember either and I'm going to watch the last 20mins for a catch up.

DontbeaDickaboutit Sat 02-Sep-17 22:17:19

She found out her husband was dicking about but went to great degrees to prove everything he'd done. He went off with the younger woman and had a baby, the OW was a daughter of Dr Fosters friend..

QueenNefertitty Sat 02-Sep-17 22:20:17

Oh noooooooo

I'm only on episode 4 of series 1...

Why did I click this thread?!?! sad

pineappleeyes Sat 02-Sep-17 22:44:14

Ahh yes. It's all coming back to me now. Thank you.

I remembered the cheating husband bit and a dinner party.
I'll watch the last ep on iPlayer too.

DontbeaDickaboutit Sat 02-Sep-17 22:48:46

Oh Queen.....! 🙈

BumWad Sat 02-Sep-17 22:52:33

Ooh when does it start?

pineappleeyes Sat 02-Sep-17 23:37:20

Tuesday bumwad

NC4now Sat 02-Sep-17 23:47:53

The other woman was really young wasn't she? Daughter of a family friend?

Tuesdays are shaping up nicely.

PinkHeart5911 Sat 02-Sep-17 23:50:19

He cheats with younger women

She becomes unhinged and makes him think she's hurt there child at the end

2nd series I predict she becomes a bunny boiler

NC4now Sat 02-Sep-17 23:52:13

She as in Dr Foster PinkHeart?

I remember her acting quite unprofessionally in the last series, threats etc.

PinkHeart5911 Sat 02-Sep-17 23:56:10

Nc4 Yes she as in Doctor foster, I didn't make that very clear did I. Very unprofessional indeed and making him ( the dh) think she'd hurt the son was just wrong

Rach5l Sat 02-Sep-17 23:56:56

She became unhinged trying to prove she was right & no one would believe her.
It culminated in that dinner party where she spilt the beans to ow's parents
She lost her job also??

Didn't think it left unanswered questions though so surprised there's a second series. What could be the next drama?? It was pretty intense so it's got to match it

Rach5l Sat 02-Sep-17 23:58:10

Oh I have forgotten about the son & her hurting him what was that about?

stardust18 Sat 02-Sep-17 23:58:37

The first series is on catch up again, I'm refreshing my memory again. I'm on episode 3 and I hooked as much as the first time round. Can't wait for series 2 smile

MusicToMyEars800 Sat 02-Sep-17 23:59:49

The last episode ends with the Pregnant OW (Kate) Asking how Gemma is she replies, Kate then gets into the car with Simon they drive off!
Gemma and Tom are sat at a table, a man collapses, Gemma runs over to help Tom brings her bag!

The next one is set 2 yrs since the break up.

MusicToMyEars800 Sun 03-Sep-17 00:01:26

Rach She didn't hurt him, she just wanted Simon to feel pain and I suppose a sense of how she's feeling, he then Attacks her and smashes her face into the glass door.

Rach5l Sun 03-Sep-17 00:05:19

Oh I forget all that about the son. No time to watch again now hopefully they'll do a little catch up on tues.

Does anyone else take sides in these things? I think because I love suranne jones I was rooting for her but then she was so fucked up...
That bloody perfect husband though angry

flumpybear Sun 03-Sep-17 00:10:21

I'm rewatching as I can't remember either!! Just seen two episodes and hopefully finish it tomorrow 👍

SinisterBumFacedCat Sun 03-Sep-17 00:17:16

Looking forward to this, the radio trailers give a bit more away.

BradleyPooper Sun 03-Sep-17 01:18:55

Full series is on iPlayer, I binged last weekend!

troodiedoo Sun 03-Sep-17 10:42:48

Looking forward to this, hope it doesn't disappoint.

NikiBabe Tue 05-Sep-17 02:58:53

Yay. Cant wait.

BadHairDay0 Tue 05-Sep-17 06:26:35

Let's hope the divorce lawyer is the same dishy actor from the first series!

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