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Neighbours Thread - The Deelievers have hope - don't let us down again!

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AnneEyhtMeyer Tue 15-Aug-17 10:21:13

I am so pathetically excited that Real Dee might be back this time. I'll help Sonya pack her bags.

IamDBCooper Tue 15-Aug-17 10:21:47

I'm actually in shock.

AnneEyhtMeyer Tue 15-Aug-17 10:23:53

I haven't even seen yesterday's yet, as I am stupidly staying with relatives at this momentous time!

SleepingStandingUp Tue 15-Aug-17 10:29:26

Am watching the last episode first as I've been off at a festival

TheWashingFairyatemyhamster Tue 15-Aug-17 11:23:27

What if Andrea dies? Then there'd be a Dee ghost and an Andrea ghost causing trouble in the afterlife.

Assuming there is a Dee ghost obviously....shock

SleepingStandingUp Tue 15-Aug-17 11:27:36

A real Dee is just to much. So another story of how she never remembered who she was or why she wanted to stay away etc. More DNA tests plus the whole willow coming back to give DNA to prove its not her mom. Its just ridiculous.

It needs to be a scene about heaven then a ghostly visit

IamDBCooper Tue 15-Aug-17 11:32:19

Maybe she is a ghost and is going to give toadie her blessing to move on so he can sort it with Sonya. Although she (Sonya) is pregnant in real life so will obvs be leaving at some point in the future.

Mogtheanxiouscat Tue 15-Aug-17 11:43:10

Whoa Neighbours. Just sneaking a little blink and you'd miss it scene in about Dee.I can't cope with this again! I was a total Deeliever.

Also, I'm a Dr Nick believer. I liked his chemistry with Amy. I'm going to disappointed aren't I?

SleepingStandingUp Tue 15-Aug-17 11:48:32

There's nooooo spoilers about Dee!

SleepingStandingUp Tue 15-Aug-17 11:54:06

What did Karl do?

Pastamancer Tue 15-Aug-17 13:33:15

Karl tried to smuggle a durian fruit back home but it made everything smell like shit. When the airport staff questioned the smell he said that Susan shat herself because she has MS hence Susan being incredibly miffed at him. He wasn't believed, the bags were opened and the fruit was confiscated.

ComedyofTerrors Tue 15-Aug-17 13:38:27

and just to make sure they weren't smuggling anything other than seeds they both had to undergo a full body cavity search. No wonder Susan's pissed off.

MiddleClassProblem Tue 15-Aug-17 13:55:08

Just checking in.

Floellabumbags Tue 15-Aug-17 14:47:38

I bet Karl enjoyed it

tobee Tue 15-Aug-17 15:14:46

D'oh! Knockabout comedy from Karl & Susan. Forget Issy and Sarah, that was real ltb Susan!

That got us nowhere further re Dee. I made sure I watched the lunchtime Neighbours live! They're gonna really string it out.

Trying to remember previous Neighbours ghosts. I know there was Madge...

I think Nick will end of saving Therese and then dying. Isn't that the Neighbours way with returning baddies. It'll be Finn in a couple of years.

TheWashingFairyatemyhamster Tue 15-Aug-17 16:18:21

I reckon that Paul will send Nick packing, and then Therese will get sicker and Paul will have to go and beg him to come back. Or possibly Gary will send Nick packing and then Paul will swallow his pride and beg Nick to come back, save the day, and get together with Therese as a result.

I'm just not sure they are ever going to let Paul and Therese get together...

AnneEyhtMeyer Tue 15-Aug-17 18:54:02

Other Neighbours ghosts have included Drew and the Asian mum who they planted a rose bush to remember but whose name escapes me.

SleepingStandingUp Tue 15-Aug-17 19:12:41


TheWashingFairyatemyhamster Tue 15-Aug-17 19:34:58


TheWashingFairyatemyhamster Tue 15-Aug-17 19:37:28

I'm sure pretty much everyone who dies on Neighbours has a ghostly moment immediately after they die to impart words of wisdom or comfort to a loved one. Not many of them turn up years later though. Only Madge?

CurbsideProphet Tue 15-Aug-17 20:13:48

I really hope Dee is back smile however, I do fear that she may come back for a short time to give Toadie closure sad

woodhill Tue 15-Aug-17 20:49:25

And wooden Matt

AnneEyhtMeyer Tue 15-Aug-17 21:08:46

Yes! It was Priya! Well remembered! And Matt too - or was he a dream?

woodhill Tue 15-Aug-17 21:18:21

Possibly, who knows.

It's certainly not Macbethsmile

TheWashingFairyatemyhamster Tue 15-Aug-17 22:03:07

Matt! He was on it so recently but I hadn't got a clue who you were talking about and had to look him up. Even mention of his woodeness didn't ring a bell. What a pointless character he was.

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