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Waistcoats, Hugshorts and a big ol' Juicy Marrow (Thread 4)

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CaptainSquark Fri 28-Jul-17 21:44:22

Welcome to our 4th CBeebies Crushing thread...

Feel free to join in with our ramblings if you wish...we don't bite unless we are asked very very nicely by certain CBeebies menfolk....

CaptainSquark Fri 28-Jul-17 21:46:27

@CraftyMummyof3Tiddlers @KissingWhiskeyByTheFire

ADayGivingMeHope Fri 28-Jul-17 21:46:39

🤣 I'm here!

KissingWhiskeyByTheFire Fri 28-Jul-17 21:52:13

Me too! 😂😂😂

CaptainSquark Fri 28-Jul-17 21:54:14

C'mon @CraftyMummyof3Tiddlers <*taps non existent watch*>

ADayGivingMeHope Fri 28-Jul-17 22:12:33

None existent?! 😮😱
I couldn't do without mine!

CaptainSquark Fri 28-Jul-17 22:57:43

I have about 45 different watches...I never remember to put one on 🤔😂

CaptainSquark Fri 28-Jul-17 23:08:59


CaptainSquark Fri 28-Jul-17 23:10:00


CaptainSquark Fri 28-Jul-17 23:10:36

...Crafty doesn't get one till she shows her face 😜

ADayGivingMeHope Fri 28-Jul-17 23:19:17


ADayGivingMeHope Sat 29-Jul-17 07:52:20

When I'm half asleep in the morning, my boys like to watch olly the little white van.
I've been laying there for ages thinking I'm listening to Simon Pieman from Gigglebiz - looked it up and yes the voice of Olly is Justin! 😂 He gets around a bit doesn't he! Haha.

CaptainSquark Sat 29-Jul-17 07:56:56

Hahaha how did it take you this long to figure that out? 😂

ADayGivingMeHope Sat 29-Jul-17 08:12:52

It's before my first coffee 😜

CraftyMummyof3Tiddlers Sat 29-Jul-17 09:00:15

I'm Here! Yeah I bought my son Ollie @poundland....ages ago.. 2 disc's his voice but don't have to watch him lol
Sorry couldn't get on last night

CraftyMummyof3Tiddlers Sat 29-Jul-17 09:03:02

And where TF has Phil gone? Haven't seen his shows in ages sad

CaptainSquark Sat 29-Jul-17 09:19:55

Maybe the shapes killed him and buried his body under a mound of felt, pipe cleaners and glitter?

CraftyMummyof3Tiddlers Sat 29-Jul-17 09:35:16

Nooooooooo! 😮

ADayGivingMeHope Sat 29-Jul-17 13:02:04

We rarely stray from the CBeebies channel 🙈

CraftyMummyof3Tiddlers Sat 29-Jul-17 13:05:32

Same here...sometimes tiny pop but yeah a CBEEBIES House this is 😅

ADayGivingMeHope Sat 29-Jul-17 19:15:56

I've seen a few CBeebies usernames on other posts, they must not have discovered this one yet 🤣😋

CaptainSquark Sat 29-Jul-17 20:16:17

Or they're lurking <glares round imaginary threadroom> 😑

CraftyMummyof3Tiddlers Sat 29-Jul-17 20:54:27

They're probably spies waiting to pounce on dirty comments and then put an article in the trash rags😂oh wait...that's happened already lol are we still bored desperate lazy sex deprived Mums?

CaptainSquark Mon 31-Jul-17 00:04:55

CaptainSquark Mon 31-Jul-17 00:05:39

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