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Where did BGT disappear to?

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HappydaysArehere Tue 06-Jun-17 09:18:50

Hope this gets posted. I have tried three times but no luck. Please, please can anyone explain why when we switched over to ITV 1 on Sunday we found first the game show which precedes it running late and then instead of BGT we got The Queen (Helen Mirren). The itv news didn't mention it and yet picked up the Metro yesterday to see a photo of the winners and being told there were 8and a half million viewers!!

Highalert Tue 06-Jun-17 09:19:39

It was on Saturday night.

TOWIEngland Tue 06-Jun-17 09:20:49

The final was on Saturday. It was originally going to be on Sunday but was moved as to not overshadow the Manchester concert.

Orangebird69 Tue 06-Jun-17 09:21:00

Er. It moved the final to Saturday night so as not to clash with the televising of the OneLove concert in Manchester on Sunday night ...

SoupDragon Tue 06-Jun-17 09:21:03

They announced that they were switching it to Saturday. I think because of the Ariana Grande benefit concert.

HappydaysArehere Tue 06-Jun-17 13:52:13

Thank you everyone. I was blaming What's On TV which said The British Soap Awards was on on Saturday. We looked in the Saturday Times this morning after your postings and of course that was up to date. I remember thinking that BGT would have competition with the Manchester concert but heard nothing on Saturday. Well at least I know our TV wasn't spooked! Began to think everyone had watched it Sunday with the exception of us. Really disappointed. It isn't the same seeing it on catch up when you know the winner. Thanks again.

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