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Orange is the new black, why is red in prison?

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hellokittymania Thu 01-Jun-17 02:04:18

Can somebody please explain what she did! I can't see, so rely on the audio description, but there are so many flashbacks and it's confusing.

mayoli Thu 01-Jun-17 02:27:11


It's never certain but it was implied that she murdered/was an accomplice for her husband murdering people. Also she popped someone's breast implant but I'm not sure if that's one of the reasons.

hellokittymania Thu 01-Jun-17 02:32:05

Oh OK, thank you. I thought it was maybe because they were smuggling things into their bakery, or something with drugs.

TheDropBear Thu 01-Jun-17 02:36:41

Her and her husband were involved with the Russian Mob. There's a flashback scene where they're bringing corpses in and when interrogating her Piscatelli says they found bodies in her freezer.

qazxc Fri 02-Jun-17 20:45:18

Russian mobsters and their wives started frequenting the deli. Her husband thought it would be good if she got friendly with the wives. It didn't go well and she ended up punching one of them and rupturing an implant. The mobster then wanted an extortionate amount of money as compensation. They couldn't pay that so instead let mobster store bags in their freezer. The bags contained five bodies cut up.

SaltyMyDear Fri 02-Jun-17 20:46:31

Yes, I think she didn't really do anything wrong.

The Russian Mafia were storing dead bodies in her freezer, and being the Mafia, she didn't exactly have any choice......

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