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The Kennedys - dire or dire

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Myeyesmyears Mon 29-May-17 21:30:37

Man O man it's really dire. Or were all the women made of wood in the 1960s?

Not to mention plinky plonky incidental music - Eurgh.........

Oh Katie

Davros Mon 29-May-17 23:57:52

I was tempted, pleased I steered clear!

DeidreInaQuandry Tue 30-May-17 00:07:29

Chandler Bing as Ted Kennedy grin

Jackie didn't age a day in all those decades grin And the budget obviously didn't stretch to her having a daughter, or John Jr's sister-in-law being on the doomed flight.

Dire - but John jr was easy on the eye.

dataandspot Tue 30-May-17 00:10:23

I quite enjoyed it?

They certainly moved at a quick pace to get all those years covered! I did I look away when Onassis died?!

viques Tue 30-May-17 00:15:07

Why were they all such strange skin colours and textures, it was as though my TV had been covered in orange peel.

Ifitquackslikeaduck Tue 30-May-17 16:27:55

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

FruBayerischOla Wed 31-May-17 10:41:44

"....or John Jr's sister-in-law being on the doomed flight."

I thought that to begin with too, Deidre. But then realised at the end, before the credits, there was some wording saying what had happened in the future, including the plane crash. So I guess that scene was a 'taster' of what was to happen some years down the line.

I was very disappointed by the Onassis residence in Greece - I thought it would have been more opulent than that. Actually, I've just looked at some images and it appears there is a much larger house too - the smaller one was probably a posh beach hut!

DeidreInaQuandry Thu 01-Jun-17 07:52:36

Good point, FruBayer! I'd assumed John and Carolyn were boarding the doomed flight.

I am looking forward to seeing the Jackie Kennedy film starring Natalie Portman - it's supposed to be fab.

ShesNoNormanPace Sat 03-Jun-17 17:57:37

I made the mistake of watching the Martin Sheen Kennedy thing thinking it was going to be like a West Wing- The Early years. Oh my God I couldn't watch it for Martin Sheen's stupid, but very authentic, accent.

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