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Jamestown on Sky one Friday night...

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youngestisapsycho Thu 04-May-17 14:47:19

Looks like it might be fun....

Battytwatty Fri 05-May-17 19:18:04

I going to watch it

NancyDonahue Fri 05-May-17 19:31:33

I love Max Beesley so I'm in smile

cushioncovers Fri 05-May-17 20:26:52

Yep got it on series link

HaveTeaWillSurvive Fri 05-May-17 20:41:32

Following for chat later, I've already watched it on Sky Insider (sneaky wink)

troodiedoo Fri 05-May-17 22:36:40

Did nobody watch this? I liked it but missed a lot was hoping someone would dumb it down for me!

Nellyphants Fri 05-May-17 23:42:29

I thought it was awful, soap opera in the new world. All bouncy bosoms, curls & peachy skin.

TizzyDongue Fri 05-May-17 23:47:46

troodiedoo, are you being sarcastic?

Not sure about it- very odd: especially the overtly race along story about the brothers

troodiedoo Sat 06-May-17 00:05:22

Maybe I was looking for depth that wasn't there lol.

OutComeTheWolves Sat 06-May-17 07:26:33

I watched it (missed the last 20 minutes because ds woke up so will catch up on that today).

I haven't quite made my mind up yet. I didn't love it but I think I'll watch it next week just to see if it grows on me!

Palomb Sat 06-May-17 07:29:40

Not sure I'll bother watching again tbh. It wasn't exactly subtle .

AllFurCoatNoKnockers Sat 06-May-17 07:43:26

Enjoyed it, and will keep watching but mainly because it was an easy watch.
I like the fact that Jamestown was a real place.
Max Beasley not a selling point for me but it looks like a good cast.

TizzyDongue Sat 06-May-17 10:56:56

troodiedoo I think so!! I think if they'd relaxed on the brother story it might have been better. The whole thing though!! All a bit quick:

get off boat and meet hunky man and his simple brother,
fancy hunky one, think yeah this is my h2b,
realise he's not and actual h2b couldn't be brother to let her (causing obvious plot that absent brother would be a nasty man (and possibly not attractive)),
rape scene,
declare love to hunky brother,
hunky brother kills nasty brother,
simple brother devastated,
ooh look there's another love rival,
good grief nasty brother not actually dead!!

troodiedoo Sat 06-May-17 11:46:44

Think I'm just so used to not fully understanding dramas grin

Vq1970 Sat 06-May-17 11:55:54

We watched it, not overly impressed but will watch again next week. The story line did seem to race along very quickly and a lot happened in the space of what I think was only a week.

I didn't believe the location, it felt very much like a film set. Obviously I know it was but I don't normally feel that and can believe the location is real, this didn't do that. There was a lot that was unbelievable, especially the brother surviving that explosion.

cushioncovers Sun 07-May-17 09:56:00

Just watched first episode. I'm a bit meh about it. Seems similar to the series Banished that was on last year. The blonde women who is manipulating everyone is pissing me off already. And there's no way max beesley would survive those burns, in that heat infection would finish him off in a matter of days.

TizzyDongue Sun 07-May-17 12:19:52

I concludes it was because he ended up in the mud that it soothes the burns and formed a barrier to infection or some such shite that that

TizzyDongue Sun 07-May-17 12:23:15


cushioncovers Sun 07-May-17 13:25:01


OutComeTheWolves Fri 12-May-17 22:08:04

I thought tonight's episode was much better. I think I'm going to end up quite liking Meredith and Verity.

TSSDNCOP Fri 12-May-17 22:26:55

What's conniving blonde woman been in before. Loved the maid, was curious how she got there before any other women...

Peskyelephant Fri 12-May-17 23:16:55

I wondered how the maid was there before all the other women too.

hollyisalovelyname Sat 13-May-17 10:38:20

I'd like to know the maid's backstory too.

cheapskatemum Sat 13-May-17 17:38:07

I watched both episodes last night & thought 2nd one was better too. Also wondered how the maid came to be there! Definitely enough going on to keep me watching, but agree with

cheapskatemum Sat 13-May-17 17:43:21

Posted 2 soon!
... agree with Vq1970 about the set. I suppose there's no way they could have made it look as revolting & squalid as it really was. I was wincing at the posh cloaks dragging through the mud! I feel sorry for the ironmonger, but he's being stubborn, just hedge your bets on the next female cargo, man!

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