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Confessions of a junior doctor on channel 4.

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Readytomakechanges Thu 27-Apr-17 22:14:47

Has anyone else been watching this?

pennygirl26 Fri 28-Apr-17 00:32:28

I have. Such an interesting programme just shows exactly how stretched everything is.

Readytomakechanges Thu 11-May-17 20:03:47

I'm really enjoying this show.
I thought it would be more popular, but haven't met many people in real life who have watched it.

purpleme12 Thu 11-May-17 20:15:05

Yes I have. It was shown last year but I missed it then. They're very good and hard working and everything but it also brings it home how infallible they are! I mean I know there all human but you do often trust them implicitly

GiraffesCantPlayHopScotch Thu 11-May-17 21:41:17

Just watching it now

FairyPenguin Thu 11-May-17 21:43:51

I've been watching it. Found it fascinating yet also feel so sorry for the doctors. They are under so much pressure and are working ridiculous hours so are making critical decisions whilst exhausted. Looks very difficult.

GiraffesCantPlayHopScotch Thu 11-May-17 21:56:28

Did they just say 18 hours into the shift? 18? No way in hell do I want someone operating on me after 18 hours

SnugglyBedSocks Thu 11-May-17 22:24:45

Thankfully I managed to avoid the camera's grin

Seniorcitizen1 Sat 13-May-17 11:59:52

My son is a junior Dr - just finished a 113 hour week, day off and then 7x12 hour nights, but eill probably be longer as never gets to leave when shift officially ends. Nightmare for hom and his patients

Toddlerteaplease Sun 14-May-17 21:41:48

Thought the one on peadiatrics was making the doctor look a bit incompetent. Making a thing of him not getting the lumbar puncture first time. (Rarely happens) The surgeon who was super keen and spending all his free time in theatre was a. It concerning as he didn't seem to get that he was being told to slow down and not be so intense. Hell burn out. Very interesting programme.

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