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Rich house , poor house channel 5

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Barbara1956 Thu 20-Apr-17 22:11:34

Just watched a brilliant documentary regarding the differences between families with lot of disposable incomes and those with less , this last programme made me want to start a funding effort to get them= the poorer family , a head start. They were so positive and lovely and the better off family learned lessons too. Both parents in the poorer family worked really hard , as did the richer couple , but I felt that the odds were against the poorer family whatever they did. ...I am retired and therefore very lucky , what would you do ?

Lauraw1989 Fri 21-Apr-17 23:14:51

Hi Barbra,

Have you watched the other episodes in the series?

I felt so sorry for the poor girl working all hours God sends to keep a roof above her family's head. Don't seem to be very fair.

I can understand the rich woman wanting only the best for her daughter but look how miserable she was. Money don't make you happy love makes you happy.

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