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World according to kids

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onedayatatime73 Thu 13-Apr-17 20:30:05

Anyone watching? Made me cry!

JustDanceAddict Thu 13-Apr-17 20:38:33

Crying here! Bless Nathan.

AliceKlar Thu 13-Apr-17 23:28:45

Oh wow such amazingly deep thinking kids some of them. I was welling up when (Ian's group - I think it was his) changed from refugee welfare to cancer because he saw how much it meant to his friend (Nathan?). Just such empathy and kindness. And the lad whose dad came home from the army - he is just so in touch with his own and other people's feelings. What a wonderful bunch of children.

onedayatatime73 Fri 14-Apr-17 12:11:46

Felt very raw and real. Not what I was expecting at all but will definitely watch next week.

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