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Eastenders help please

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FairytalesAreBullshit Fri 07-Apr-17 00:49:55

Can someone help me on a few things as I stopped watching for a bit, so nothing really makes any sense.

Carters, I know why DD had to go, I know Linda is on maternity leave. Where has Babe gone? What happened? Where has Lee gone? What happened? Why is Shirley in prison?

Ben & Jay - what house are they living in to rent out rooms?

Michelle - I understand there was an accident and she wasn't with it on sleeping pills, but what's happened there?

Phil - Where's he gone?

Dot - Anything interesting there?

Kush & Denise - Self explanatory, why doesn't his Mum agree?

Martin - Why doesn't he like Michelle?

Anything else important I've missed?

Thank you so so much for any help.

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