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Corrie - my theory re Ken

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Allthebestnamesareused Fri 24-Mar-17 20:56:10

Are they about to kill him off (murder)?

Because they certainly are lining up possible suspects!

ImperialBlether Fri 24-Mar-17 20:56:37

I'm a suspect!

EveEveEve Fri 24-Mar-17 21:07:37

I think so too!
He's definitely not going to be around for long. And good for them for keeping it quiet. If that's what it is hmm

SuffolkBumkin Fri 24-Mar-17 21:09:37

Hope so. Ken Roach is a nasty price of work.

SuffolkBumkin Fri 24-Mar-17 21:10:18


Yorkshirebetty Sun 26-Mar-17 11:34:41

That's what I was thinking!! Peter, Tracey, Amy, Daniel, Sinead are all possible murderers! Tracey found the will, maybe another "stroke "??!

Clawdy Sun 26-Mar-17 14:22:49

I would really like to see him go, he's become obnoxious, but unless the actor himself decides to leave, I fear the producers will not write him out. He's the old guard, Coronation Street royalty.

eddiemairswife Sun 26-Mar-17 15:52:10

I doubt he'll be killed. We've had Tina, Callum, Kylie, Andy(?). That's quite enough.

TheHiphopopotamus Sun 26-Mar-17 16:38:08

They won't kill Ken off. Not unless Bill Roache has asked to be written out, which I can't see.

Maybe an accident and resulting coma?

EdithWeston Sun 26-Mar-17 16:42:43

My guess: first stages of dementia, change of personality.

Agree he'll be in it for as long as he wants to be. And making him an invalid would be one way of reducing his screen time. They've done early onset dementia. I think a more ordinary (for want of a better word) account of the progress of the illness and how it changes someone you've 'known' for decades could be interesting. If done well (something I don't take for granted any more)

Yorkshirebetty Mon 27-Mar-17 20:12:01

Now he's made Phelan angry! So that's Peter, Daniel, Sinead, Tracey, Amy and Phelan!! Not Mr Popularity at the moment! Poor Ken :

Clawdy Mon 27-Mar-17 21:04:44

Who was Amy phoning about leaving money, and the key?

EdithWeston Mon 27-Mar-17 21:07:48

Whoever it is, it'll be a red herring. Other than we know she left a set of keys outside, which might be relevant to however assailant (if there was one) got in.

Why was he taking a kettle upstairs?

heavenlypink Mon 27-Mar-17 21:12:09

@EdithWeston isn't the kitchen out of action due to the refit?

MargoChanning Mon 27-Mar-17 21:15:19

Was that Adam Barlow getting on the bus?

Lauraw1989 Mon 27-Mar-17 22:36:50

I think Rob has been in contact with Amy and Amy left the money out to leave her and Tracy alone. Ken spotted Rob collecting the money and pushed Ken over as he ran off ...

UnicornButtplug Mon 27-Mar-17 22:40:19

I think Adam asked Amy for money, they had a bonding moment recently. Then he pushed Ken down the stairs for the inheritance.

EdithWeston Tue 28-Mar-17 07:08:37

The perils of confirmation bias - I thought the he was doing something absent minded (the supporting my dementia theory, or post-stroke damage which looks just the same in behavioural terms)

Yes, I think Adam is Amy's mysterious contact. They were quite close (after the grave visit). That doesn't mean he attacked Ken though (he was just coming to the house to get some money) and might just have surprised him. Or they rowed and Ken keeled over.

Clawdy Tue 28-Mar-17 09:06:51

Pretty sure Rob is returning to the programme, but don't think it was him Amy was talking to on phone, she sounded too relaxed, and said something about key being in usual place.

EdithWeston Tue 28-Mar-17 09:18:53

From what Amy said on the phone, it sounded as if she was stealing money and leaving it hidden in the house for someone who would know their way round the inside, that it wasn't the first time, and that either she was leaving keys or there was a regular place where the household hid keys and that person knew it. As she isn't exactly a shrinking violet and has recourse to a mother who will stand up for her in all circumstances, it would have to be a person she wanted to help (surely not coercion) so I think Adam would be the likeliest candidate.

Ken wouldn't have been unduly alarmed by Adam turning up, even if unexpectedly inside, which is why I think it is red herring in terms of why he collapsed.

Phelan was very obviously there, so I tend to think that's a red herring too. Didn't he say the door was open? Was it Adam who unlocked it?

Is it stretching things too far to postulate a third visitor? Daniel is the other likely candidate. But I don't quite get the thread of interactions between him and Sinead, from the 'we need to talk' phone call which thempn seemed to be followed by him not talking to her but blanking her.

eddiemairswife Tue 28-Mar-17 10:35:19

Edith I think Ken would have been very surprised to see Adam, as he is supposed to have gone back to Canada.

EdithWeston Tue 28-Mar-17 12:24:23

People turn up by surprise all the time in soaps. Peter waltzing in unannounced when he's meant to be elsewhere never caused a problem. So I'd expect the first reaction to be 'Why aren't you in Canada?'

And someone just letting hemselves in wouldn't be that odd either, given the number of immediate family and their (transient) nearest and dearest who live there sometimes. There must be scores of sets of keys for No1.

Clawdy Tue 28-Mar-17 13:10:35

Perhaps he and Adam had a furious row while Ken was on the stairs, then Adam stormed out, then Ken felt dizzy and plummeted down the stairs.

MusicToMyEars800 Wed 29-Mar-17 23:27:31

ken has been getting on my nerves for ages, I hope he does get killed off tbh, what if it as amy and corrie are copying the bobby killing lucy in EastEnders grin

EdithWeston Thu 30-Mar-17 09:03:42

I didn't see it last night. Has he died?

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