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Comic relief

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Bottlesoflove Fri 24-Mar-17 20:13:34

Can we please have a comic relief thread purely to share the take that live if anything else? (We'll have more of them please BBC)

Bottlesoflove Fri 24-Mar-17 20:16:35

*take that LOVE! 😣

Str4ngedaysindeed Fri 24-Mar-17 20:19:40

Can't bear take a break or whatever they're called but sober like a fool at the little girl and her family on the rubbish tip 😥😥

Str4ngedaysindeed Fri 24-Mar-17 20:19:53

Sobbed even

Babyblues14 Fri 24-Mar-17 20:22:26

the girl (becca)who said she cant hug me mum when she gets ill, that killed me sad
But I agree, I have a soft spot for the old take that and loved them in the shop x

Babyblues14 Fri 24-Mar-17 20:26:07

her mum not me mum, bloody phone

Bottlesoflove Fri 24-Mar-17 20:29:22

"Giants playing guitars" (alan partridge on a ukelele band 😂)

Babyblues14 Fri 24-Mar-17 20:43:20

oh my god the little girl with malaria, my heart is breaking sad I have donated but I wish I had so much money to give to these people. They shouldnt be made to live like this

Spadequeen Fri 24-Mar-17 20:45:09

I will definitely donate but apart from take that the show itself is shit tonight.

I remember when it used to be good tv

I used to love French and Saunders but this is shit.

Imi22sleeping Fri 24-Mar-17 20:50:00

Gosh its so dire. Its so hard to watch

Sandsnake Fri 24-Mar-17 20:51:58

It's pretty crap. I remember when it was properly funny! All a bit Mrs Brown's Boys these days.

Obviously the charity bits are completely heart wrenching. I've already donated - am hanging on for Love Actually!

Partyfops Fri 24-Mar-17 20:52:32

They were embarrassing!!

LIZS Fri 24-Mar-17 20:53:41


Unhairymaclary Fri 24-Mar-17 20:54:20

What the hell was that Reeves and Mortimer sketch about? I understand it's all for a worthy cause but this is absolute shite!

amysmummy12345 Fri 24-Mar-17 20:54:37

It's all a bit too try hard on the comedy front isn't it? hmm

Sparklingbrook Fri 24-Mar-17 20:57:17

I love the Stotts. It reminds me of Big Night Out. grin

But I have to say Lenny Henry is looking fine.

Lifegavemelemons Fri 24-Mar-17 20:57:26

Dear god make it stop 😕 It really is shit. I keep turning over and then back in the hope it would have improved while I was away.....the actual films of kids like the street children are important - but I'm afraid people are going to turn off due to the crap 'comedy'.

228agreenend Fri 24-Mar-17 20:58:53

Just donated. Who were those two people who were just on. They were awful. Not funny at all.

Quite enjoyed Take That and Miranda Hart. Also, I quit
Te enjoyed the Mrs a Brown boys segment. The singer (jls) was good.

leccybill Fri 24-Mar-17 20:59:56

It all feels a bit outdated, doesn't it?

rollonthesummer Fri 24-Mar-17 21:00:44

When is the Love Actually bit on?! Are they going to make it 3am just to make people keep watching!!?

gincamelbak Fri 24-Mar-17 21:00:55

Love vic and Bob.

Sparklingbrook Fri 24-Mar-17 21:00:59

Who is the sleb on the left now with their Mum?

Sparklingbrook Fri 24-Mar-17 21:01:40

Me too gin. grin

228agreenend Fri 24-Mar-17 21:03:00

Lenny Henry is looking fine indeed. He looks younger.

Billy Connelly, though, looks a lot older.

Ed Sheeran really is a decent human being.

Sparklingbrook Fri 24-Mar-17 21:04:09

Don't really know what to make of Ed Sheeran.

Oooh Sara Cox. I love her.

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