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The great British benefit handout

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GemJem Tue 21-Mar-17 13:54:14

What is the point of this 'experiment' if the candidates can go back on benefits if their businesses fail? I know it's all about giving them a chance to get off benefits and into work but I dont agree with the fact they can claim benefits again after being given thousands of pounds. All seems a bit pointless to me.

BrownJenkins Wed 22-Mar-17 22:24:54

I suppose if they were told they couldn't go back on benefits no-one would take part.
I really hope the lady who makes clothes and the couple with the butty van succeed.

GemJem Thu 23-Mar-17 06:52:58

I think the people who have a supportive partner tend to do best. The couple who want the party bus business though, that woman has to curb her spending.

TupperwareTat Thu 23-Mar-17 06:56:10

I was sad for the couple whos burger van had hardly any stock. Why did it end up in the bin?

GemJem Thu 23-Mar-17 06:58:37

I agree as they didn't go out and splurge on stuff for themselves. They just wanted to set up their business. Not sure why it was binned. Maybe it got left out of fridge.

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