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Ant n Dec

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fluentinsarcasm Sat 18-Mar-17 21:10:29

I've just ff 90% of SNTA. Don't know if it's just me finding this series terrible?

Sparklingbrook Sat 18-Mar-17 21:12:17

I loved the bit where they were trying not to laugh with Holly and Phillip. I think it's ok for family entertainment on a Saturday night TBH.

kennypppppppp Sat 18-Mar-17 22:30:11

I think it's utter rubbish to be honest. Where is little ant and Dec interviewing the celebrities like they used to? The Jamie Oliver undercover was ridiculous - he was REALLY worried that that man had died when the light fell on him.

I think Scarlett Moffat is utterly rubbish compared to Ashley Roberts. The only decent thing is Stephen mulhern. I think it's otherwise totally inane. I also fast forwarded it so much last week that I actually ended up watching none of it!!

FreshStart2017 Sat 18-Mar-17 22:36:54

This series is terrible! I watched it tonight and thought "why the hell do I watch this crap every week". The singing section at the end was pure rubbish!

I agree about Scarlett, I liked her in Gogglebox box but not this.

Susiesoap7 Sun 19-Mar-17 10:19:49

Loved the holly n Phil bit, Scarlett needs a makeover, hair is awful clothes are gross, I thought she was going to be good when she started but have changed my mind now. I think there is only so much they can do with the show

AltheaThoon Sun 19-Mar-17 10:29:27

I think they're running out of ideas. My kids really enjoy it though and it's something we can all watch together on a Saturday night.

ExcuseMyEyebrows Sun 19-Mar-17 10:36:27

It's just awful and I quite like Ant and Dec.

Bring back the Generation game. With Stephen Mulhern as presenter.

theliverpoolone Sun 19-Mar-17 11:12:15

I don't know why little Ant'n Dec are there now - last night they didn't seem to do anything hmm. They didn't do that 'who dunnit' sketch thing last night at the end either, which I thought was a weekly thing? The bit with Phil and Holly was funny though, despite Holly, who I normally can't stand!

Imi22sleeping Mon 20-Mar-17 07:29:21

I feel like tgat this series has lost the plot

RubertRoo Mon 20-Mar-17 12:06:03

This is the worst series yet so far.

I always liked the bit at the start of the show where they get somebody out of the audience but they have barely done that this series, they seem to forget what they should be doing from one week to the next.

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