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Grey's anatomy-what did they remove from the pregnant man's abdomen?

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arwen Mon 05-Mar-07 12:50:21

I missed that bit but heard earlier that it had teeth???

also does anyone know why or how derek killed Pauline in Eastenders? I missed that bit too!

many thanks

AitchTwoOh Mon 05-Mar-07 12:54:50

a teratoma. there would have been a twin at some stage and his body would have developed around it. they can grow, so i think that was the gist. bascially it can be some of the component parts of a baby, hair, teeth, bones etc but the wee thing grows wonky so never really is a baby or has a brain as far as i'm aware. there was a doc on channel four about a wee boy whose twin was inside him.

arwen Mon 05-Mar-07 12:58:15

Thanks, I'm guessing it grew in sympathy with his wife's pregnancy (if that makes sense..)

AitchTwoOh Mon 05-Mar-07 13:05:04

don't know. i think they can just grow gradually or be sparked by something.

margo1974 Mon 05-Mar-07 13:05:59

Derek didn't kill Pauline, it was Jo

arwen Mon 05-Mar-07 13:27:19

Who is Jo?

FioFio Mon 05-Mar-07 13:28:16

Message withdrawn

McDreamy Mon 05-Mar-07 13:35:22

I had one and had to have it removed when I was 18.

AitchTwoOh Mon 05-Mar-07 13:38:02

did you really? how did you find out abou it?

McDreamy Mon 05-Mar-07 13:53:48

It twisted on itself and I collapsed and was rushed in - massive faff as I was originally diagnosed with appendicitis. Eventually found it after a scan and I had it surgically removed. It wasn't as big as the chap on the TV, my surgeon described it as the size of a jaffa orange.

AitchTwoOh Mon 05-Mar-07 14:48:17

poor little nearly-fella. how did you feel about it when they told you?

McDreamy Mon 05-Mar-07 14:49:29

I was ok about it but my mum was a little upset - sort of a miscarriage 18 years late!

AitchTwoOh Mon 05-Mar-07 15:03:50

goodness... i suppose it must've felt strange knowing that she might have had twins. and you didn't think 'but i might have been a twin?'

McDreamy Mon 05-Mar-07 15:06:45

Yes I suppose but I wasn't bothered really. I was so sore and they faffed for so long I was convinced the pain was in my mind so I think I was relieved there was something wrong. The whole carry on took 6 months from initially having the pain to having the surgery.

2nds Thu 26-May-16 16:52:42

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

2nds Thu 26-May-16 17:05:23

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

2nds Thu 26-May-16 17:08:21

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

2nds Thu 26-May-16 17:09:22

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

AnthonyPandy Thu 26-May-16 17:17:29

March 2007 is a really really long time ago.

2nds Thu 26-May-16 17:35:47

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

2nds Thu 26-May-16 17:48:20

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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