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Now tv, amazon fire, freeview?! Help

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ChubbyMummy12 Tue 14-Mar-17 11:08:28

I can't afford to pay the price of virgin or sky to any more, so I wondered if anyone can help me, which is the better one to get, now tv, freeview, the amazon fire stick thing, kodi, or is there any other suggestions? We must be able to get AMC/fox hubby would kill me if I got rid of the walking dead. Kids channels are a must too. There's so many out there and I haven't got a clue where to start or what is the best one to get..

Thanks smile

alwaysprepare Tue 14-Mar-17 12:53:03

No real answer here sorry.

Am on the same boat as I will cancel sky end of the year. Just took their introductory package when I was looking for broadband as I pay less than £30 currently including the box sets.

I don't have Now, but I do have Amazon and Netflix.

Got an Amazon stick for every TV in the house, so everyone has that and Netflix as well as YouTube, regular catchup TV etc. included on the stick. The sticks cost around £30 each, but you use one account for everyone. Amazon also sells all the latest episodes of current popular series like twd , 24 legend and other sky favourites at £2.49 per episode, or option to buy whole box set and you get new episodes as they become available. The episodes are available for sure by next day, could be sooner , am not sure. They also have all the latest movies same as sky to buy at £14 - but I'm not too clear about renting them.

So that all depends on how many series are a must for you and your family. The box sets may be easy, but if your kids watch a lot of Nick, it may not be that easy.

Everything you see is included on Netflix, and their choices are not too bad, they also have a few series that air every week, but I would say not as much as sky etc.

alwaysprepare Tue 14-Mar-17 13:01:10

Forgot to make it clear that Amazon has lots of free movies and TV too, enough to keep you occupied.
I am happy with most of them and depending on how much time you spend on Telly, you could be satisfied.

Depending on your sky package and preferences , they possibly do not have as many high quality as sky for free.

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