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Panorama about children's sleep

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blubberball Mon 13-Mar-17 03:44:54

Did any one else see this, and are you going to make any changes as a result? I've always been of the opinion that children's sleep is very important, but of course like many families, we have slipped into some bad habits with screens. Dc don't have tvs in their rooms, but they play and watch on screens in the evenings before bed. Dc 1 is 9, and often takes technology into bed.

I'm going to try to follow the advice, particularly for school nights, to turn off all screens 1 hour before bed, bath or shower 30 minutes before bed, and sleepy snacks of banana or porridge.

The children in the study's test performance improved by 50 - 60% after promoting good sleep. Their memory and problem solving vastly improved.

It certainly won't do us any harm to try.

differentnameforthis Mon 13-Mar-17 03:50:18

Didn't see the programme (am in Oz) but I know that screens massively affect dd2's sleep. She struggles with sleep as it is, and I worked out that taking her off screens at least 2hrs before bedtime helps. Doesn't fix it..she still struggles, suspect she has autism...but it helps keep her calmer.

CurlsandCurves Mon 13-Mar-17 09:21:32

Mine don't have TVs in their rooms but DS1 was charging his phone in his room overnight so presumably messing around on it too before bed. I was also concerned about years to come when he may well get his sleep interrupted by notifications coming through at all hours, I know some of the kids on the programme said that was an issue.

It now charges on the landing outside his room, so he can get his hands on it as soon as he wakes up, lol.

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