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228agreenend Sun 05-Mar-17 21:48:23

Has anyone watched this? I though it was so much better than the previous 'new' series, and definitely better than the 'old' series.

It seem to have the essence of Top Gear, without all,the smugness and sillyness of Clarkson and Co episodes, and without the Trying To Hard element of the last series.

A real improvement and worth watching again.

senua Sun 05-Mar-17 21:53:32

Definitely better than Chris Evans's effort (not difficult!). But a shame that they have reverted to the Three Blokes format.

BubbleBed Sun 05-Mar-17 22:19:16

I really liked it. I have a huge odd desire to go to Kazakhstan though which helped 😂 was fun, funny, and entertaining - liked these three. Thank God no Chris Evans.

coldcanary Tue 07-Mar-17 12:33:10

I liked it too, much netter without Chris Evans. The banter is a bit too forced at the moment and Chris Harris needs to relax a bit though.
I can for see problems with having the guest on for that long - James McAvoy is a great guest on anything and will happily join in but others might just look like bookends if they haven't chosen wisely!
All in all though I enjoyed it and actually laughed properly at the 3 of them together.

Davros Tue 07-Mar-17 14:42:25

I enjoyed it, much better without Chris Evans, but I think the Grand Tour is better. I will watch both

Sparklingbrook Tue 07-Mar-17 14:43:08

No. I watched a couple of the first series but have given up on it now.

MyschoolMyrules Tue 07-Mar-17 14:45:01

Same here. Really enjoyed it, especially the improvised bits. I also agree that some it is a bit forced but I they will relax in their roles and it will get better. dS was over the moon watching it!

DalekBred Tue 07-Mar-17 16:03:03

I M iss 'Classic'TG. loved Hammond and MAy. On the fence with Clarko. sometimes he was brilliant, mostly not. make a comparison- Chris seems to be taking the Clarkson role, the 'leader' whern its Matt who's supposed to be the main host. NOt too keen on him at the mo, he seems to like the sound of his own voice and wanmts the camera attention.

Matts woken up at last, last series (and I only endured 10 mins cos cant stand Evans) Matt was half asleep. But hes still a ibovine, a-la James May. He needs to shake himself a bit and BE the main presenter.

LOVING Rory Reid, I think hes the 'Hammond' of the 3, laughing and excitable. my favourite.

Im finding the guest bit a bit tedious. Macaovoy looked like hed had enough after 5 mins.

So, in all....not brilliant but MUCH better without Evans and the other million presenters (I hope Sabines back in some shape or form though).

DalekBred Tue 07-Mar-17 16:04:33

And Rory, LOVE the dance! grin.

cant wait to see Stig again.

mimbleandlittlemy Tue 07-Mar-17 21:03:03

Sabine is definitely back later in the series.

I thought it was really funny and laughed out loud which is more than I did with Chris Evans last series or the unspeakable Grand Tour. They should be strung up for The Grand Tour.

DalekBred Mon 13-Mar-17 15:49:56

MUCH better last night- although why they keep bringing back former guests is odd- there are loads of celebs out there. But David Tennant was funny, so that was okay.

Still not enough Roroy for me though.

Anyone know how I can complain to the Beeb about the subtitles? they were at the most TEN seconds behind the speaker. Happened last week too.

Its a prerecorded prog so theres no excuse.

228agreenend Mon 13-Mar-17 17:51:39

We enjoyed it also.

spiderlight Mon 13-Mar-17 18:55:16

DS lives and breathes Top Gear. He christened the last 'new' series Flop Gear and gave up half way through, but he's thoroughly enjoying this effort so far. He prefers the Grand Tour though.

DalekBred Tue 14-Mar-17 16:09:46

We don't get the Grand tour as we don't have access to Netflix or whatever it is its on. But even though Im a complete petrolhead, I mainly watched TG for the gorgeous Richard Hammond!

and in GT the pics Ive seen hes grown the most grotesque goatee covering that cute face so I guess I wont miss that too much!

DC and I are massive petrol heads so we are glad this new TG is better than the last series which was switched off after 10 mins of shouty Evans.

plus at least they still show 'classic' TG on 'Dave' still, plus some dvds weve got.

Sabines in it next week doing a piece with the lovely Rory AT THE NURBURGRING! Yipee!

DalekBred Tue 21-Mar-17 18:34:55

Must say Chris Harris is growing on me. hes the most animated.

The outside broadcasts are good, but still a bit subdued in the studio aren't they? or are the audience half asleep?

I like the bit where Chris takes the star in the car for a training session. very funny.

But.....why isn't the wonderful Stig doing more? hes confined to just testing out a supercar and that's it. he was loads more involved on the past.

kennypppppppp Tue 21-Mar-17 21:01:02

I love it and I'm not remotely petrolly or car-y. Matt le blanc is fabulous (should he be reading) and the other two are really nice too and non narcissistic. Although Tamsin Grieg was a bit borrrrrrrrring.

I avidly watch it literally just to flush Chris Evans out of my system.

228agreenend Tue 21-Mar-17 21:08:37

Another good episode The only thing that seems wrong in the whole episode is not Havimg Jeremy Clarkson do the voiceover for the star lap. Chris Evans was good it, but I find the present person not so,good. Apart from, I don't miss the old presenters one bit, and much prefer it now.

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