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Documentaries or factual programme

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bagpackbagpack Sun 19-Feb-17 21:20:43

Looking for a good documentary series to get my teeth stuck into.

Seen pretty much on everything on the BBC and my interests are quiet varied!

From astrophysics to micro organisms, archeology and biology! Even statistics! On History topics I much prefer social history rather than political or anything about wars.

I have Netflix, prime and a full virgin media package (plus some dubious streaming habits) and don't mind different languages as long as it's got subtitles (although can speak French-ish)

Davros Sun 19-Feb-17 23:10:35

Have you looked at TED Talks? The Sky at Night is pretty amazing.

absolutelynotfabulous Mon 20-Feb-17 15:30:43

My favourite documentary is Inside 9/11. Gripping! It's a countdown to and the aftermath of 9/11.

I also like Aircrash Investigation. On National Geographic.
I'm a sucker for a documentary but find most BBC ones a bit meh now. They seem to be more about the presenter than the subject matter looking at you, Lucy Worsley.

michelle303 Thu 23-Feb-17 15:22:26

Not a series, but I recently watched Food Choices on Netflix, which was very eye opening and made me reconsider the things I eat. There are quite a few food ones on there that are on my list.

squashyhat Fri 24-Feb-17 09:12:09

The 3-part doc on OJ Simpson currently on i-player is absolutely gripping even if you know the story. Sets the murders and trial in the context of the racial unrest and complete mistrust of the LAPD at the time by the black community. Be warned - lots of graphic images.

bagpackbagpack Fri 24-Feb-17 19:50:30

Thanks everyone, I only stream TV as I have pretty hectic work schedule. I have seen and love TED talks and the sky at night.

The OJ Simpson one is great, but already seen it!

I used to watch the Aircrash investigation, might pick that up again!

And yes michelle the BBC documentaries are rubbish, all repeats, has been for the last couple of years! I need Brian Cox to bring something new out!

bagpackbagpack Fri 24-Feb-17 19:52:24

Sorry I meant absolutley not michelle re BBC.

michelle I have been hovering over food choices, might switch that on tonight!

PoloZolo Fri 24-Feb-17 19:54:15

How about listening to some radio 4 podcasts?

Dinocat Sat 25-Feb-17 09:10:58

Definitely Air Crash Investigation, I don't know anyone else who watches it so hey absolutelynotfabulous! New series has just started, whoop!

Nat Geo are generally pretty good, there is a new series called Bloody Tales, I've only seen the Tower of London ep but really enjoyed it. There is always something on there, seemingly random but fascinating and usually really well made. Ooh and Big Cat Week starts on 6th March if you like that?

More 4 have a lot of their documentaries on archive, loads to choose from there.

If you are interested in 9/11 as pp mentioned, you can watch Short Change on YouTube, it's a bit conspiracy theory and I don't really believe any of it but I found it interesting to find out why conspiracy theorists believe what they do.

Was going to say the bbc OJ doc but see you've already watched it. Have you seen Cosmos, the original series is excellent! I think it's in US Netflix if you have that, may be in YouTube?

Dinocat Sat 25-Feb-17 09:27:20

Sorry, the 9/11 doc is Loose Change

Davros Sat 25-Feb-17 19:47:15

Brian Cox has gone a couple of new things recently, there was that one with Eric Idle (or was it Terry Jones?!).
I watched all of Liberty of London recently which was great, it is my favourite ever shop. That was on London Live which has good things quite often.
There's the one coming out about Princess Diana's dresses although I can't find any info so I may have imagined it grin
What about The Real Marigold Hotel? Meet The Lords (about the House of Lords)?

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