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Timetogetup0630 Sun 19-Feb-17 21:09:30

Anyone else watching this chilling drama based on a Len Deighton novel ? The Germans won the Battle of Britain and now occupy Britain.
Includes quite a bit of shagging too, so I am told.

llangennith Sun 19-Feb-17 21:13:27

I'm watching. Son in law read the book and said it's good. Looks good so far.

Finbar Sun 19-Feb-17 21:17:21

Am bored. All that whispering is annoying

Finbar Sun 19-Feb-17 21:18:38

18 mins in. Given up

bookworm14 Sun 19-Feb-17 21:18:43

I'm enjoying it but what's up with Sam Riley's voice? He seems to be channelling Peter Serafinowicz's character from Spaced.

LemonRedwood Sun 19-Feb-17 21:19:37

Am watching, but the policeman's voice grates for some reason. Don't know exactly why.

Timetogetup0630 Sun 19-Feb-17 21:19:48

Great location filming and effective use of swastika banners !

llangennith Sun 19-Feb-17 21:22:40

I'm still enjoying it.

Bejazzled Sun 19-Feb-17 21:22:53

Clear your damn throat. You're distracting me from the boredom

Timetogetup0630 Sun 19-Feb-17 21:23:12

Yeah, the voice. Is it supposed to make him sound sexy or is it just cos he smokes too much ?

Rhubarb01 Sun 19-Feb-17 21:24:47

I'm intrigued. It's quite an eerie depiction of how things might have been if the Germans had won the war. They had quite detailed plans of how they would run the country if they invaded.

JazzAnnNonMouse Sun 19-Feb-17 21:24:47

I'm bored and shot really know what's happening

JazzAnnNonMouse Sun 19-Feb-17 21:24:59


Rhubarb01 Sun 19-Feb-17 21:26:35

Is that his natural voice? I'm not familiar with the actor.

QueenieGoldstein Sun 19-Feb-17 21:27:27

Just starting watching this. Is it very Man In The High Castle? I hope so because we love that series.

Goondoit Sun 19-Feb-17 21:28:42

I'm bored already and so on MN dh still watching

AnneEyhtMeyer Sun 19-Feb-17 21:28:48

Struggling to get into this. The Scottish bloke was in Celeb Big Brother the other week. He is playing himself it would seem.

ImNotChangingMyUsernameAgain Sun 19-Feb-17 21:29:47

Boring. Switched to Scandal box set.

NoelHeadbands Sun 19-Feb-17 21:33:39

I just perked up at the hot nazi

Bejazzled Sun 19-Feb-17 21:38:09

Me too Noel, wrong in so many ways 😮

Rhubarb01 Sun 19-Feb-17 21:41:05

He's very masterful - probably something to do with believing he's part of the master race!

Timetogetup0630 Sun 19-Feb-17 21:43:31

Leather coats and boots !!!

llangennith Sun 19-Feb-17 21:44:19

The Man in the High Castle on Netflix is similar but a lot better.

Cocolepew Sun 19-Feb-17 22:19:45

Too much whispering, it was a bit boring

QueenieGoldstein Sun 19-Feb-17 22:21:33

TMITHC is on Amazon Prime not Metflix and is bloody brilliant.

This, not so much but will stick with it.

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