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mymilisbatshit Fri 10-Feb-17 23:03:17

Is it just me or does Daniel from Corrie bare an uncanny resemblance to Ian Brady (Moors murderer)

I thought it earlier and I just can't unsee it now.

Obviously, when he was younger. shock

GlacindaTheTroll Sat 11-Feb-17 21:36:12

Now you come to mention it.....

And the other one looks like a wannabe Wolverine

CoffeeCoffeeAndLotsOfIt Sun 12-Feb-17 23:39:09

He does yes.

And the other night when they done a close up of his face I noticed thAt he has a lot of brown plaque / staining on his bottom teeth. He needs a good scrape and polish!

Housewife2010 Mon 13-Feb-17 06:30:29

I think it'd good that he has the floppy auburn hair of the young Ken.

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