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THE VOICE- the auditions are still blind, the acts are tone deaf ***8pm***

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Raahh Sat 04-Feb-17 19:01:34

This week, Linda Lusardi's daughter is auditioning. Apparently.

Once again, my children have taken over so I can't link to the song choices, but I did notice someone is actually singing a J -hud song. Which is either bravev or stupid.

And the Shit Shine show has thrown me by starting early. A group of lads are currently singing with olly Murs, dressed in brightly coloured suits, like the Dorothys/Nancys all did.

I have wine, and fruit gums.

Cocolepew Sat 04-Feb-17 19:03:58

I have Crunchy Dairy Milk and a cup of tea.
And a huge crush on the serial killer. Just incase that isn't clear yet.

The80sweregreat Sat 04-Feb-17 19:09:26

Hi all, am also watching a botoxed Lulu ( i hate shout! Dreadful song) and the TT hopefuls.
Its very cheesy.
Hope we're all ok.
Coco, i can see Mr Bush's appeal. He has a lovely speaking voice.
And hair!

Raahh Sat 04-Feb-17 19:09:29


The lovely Gav. He needs a serial killer name. All good serial killers get a nickname, like the Boston Strangler.

The Voice....

Raahh Sat 04-Feb-17 19:11:15


I mean. why? I think she has serious dirt on Gary, and that's why he has her on this show. Why else is she there?

The80sweregreat Sat 04-Feb-17 19:12:53

Hmm, not good with nicknames. He was known as Mr Gwen Stafani i think in America?
Still ,he is back and single now, so i,feel Coco should make a move!

Cocolepew Sat 04-Feb-17 19:13:19

Thankfully DH is watching the rugby. Lulu gives me the rage.
Gavin could be known as Mr Coco <hopeful>

The80sweregreat Sat 04-Feb-17 19:15:58

I got drunk at a party and shout came on.
All the way home i was 'hate lulu, she is a fake' drove dh up the wall.
Why do djs play that song? Why..

The80sweregreat Sat 04-Feb-17 19:16:37

Mr Cocogavler!

Destinysdaughter Sat 04-Feb-17 19:18:50

This thread is great.The best thread ever. Bigly. grin

Raahh Sat 04-Feb-17 19:21:45


Destinysdaughter Sat 04-Feb-17 19:23:11

This is a great thread.The best thread ever.Bigly. grin

The80sweregreat Sat 04-Feb-17 19:27:35

Destiny, had to look up your reference! ( thought it was a Withnail and I quote)

Raahh Sat 04-Feb-17 19:36:04

Busted or Mcfly or mcflusted are now in the shit shine show.

They cannot sing.

The80sweregreat Sat 04-Feb-17 19:37:34

It is pretty bad.

Raahh Sat 04-Feb-17 19:38:34

They made the contestants look great. grin

Destinysdaughter Sat 04-Feb-17 19:38:57

Sorry, been spending too much time on the Trump thread!grin

MusicToMyEars800 Sat 04-Feb-17 19:41:30

evening lovelies, settled got wine and snacks grin so I decides to have a moosey on over to see what let it shine is like.... turned back over after 5mins lol

*The lovely Gav. He needs a serial killer name. All good serial killers get a nickname, like the Boston Strangler.

The Voice....* << I like it >>

Raahh Sat 04-Feb-17 19:45:18

Evening music .

If Gavin's was the last voice you ever heard, would that be creepy? ( Coco would probably disagree). grin

The80sweregreat Sat 04-Feb-17 19:47:09

Shiny shit is v colourful. Its like a Debbie Gibson concert.
And very shouty.
Mel C is on, its getting worse by the minute.

MusicToMyEars800 Sat 04-Feb-17 19:49:14

very creepy grin I have visions of him sat on his own eating a brain he's just foraged from a victims head, he would have a napkin tucked in a speaking in a soft voice to the brain he's about to eat ( shivers a bit thinking about it ) grin

nancy75 Sat 04-Feb-17 19:49:44

Still not watching shit shine, on a diet so no crisps/sweets or booze - there is a good chance I'm going to be grumpy tonight!

MusicToMyEars800 Sat 04-Feb-17 19:51:01

imagine of his voice was on one of those sleep aid apps, you'd have night terrors grin

The80sweregreat Sat 04-Feb-17 19:51:39

Nancy, your never grumpy.
Music, very disturbing thought process there.
Rickyyy is on.
He predicts nothing

NoisyBrain Sat 04-Feb-17 19:51:45

Helloooo! After having company last weekend I'm back for a good old bitch tonight and it feels good grin I have wine. Which also feels good.

I think Gav should be called The Bush Whacker (in reference to his only successful in the US band)

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