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Has anyone seen TITCH on C5?

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Tatties Mon 26-Feb-07 21:20:01

I watched it this morning with ds and was snivelling all the way through! Does it have this effect on anyone else or am I just being hormonal...?!

Tatties Tue 27-Feb-07 15:31:55

That'll be a no then?

costababe Tue 27-Feb-07 20:35:08

its the voice over man that does it i think, makes every thing sound very sad!!

Mercy Tue 27-Feb-07 20:37:21

Is that the old style knitted boy character?

Tatties Wed 28-Feb-07 20:01:19

Yes that's the one! I think it's the music and child singing that makes me choke up

filthymindedvixen Wed 28-Feb-07 20:12:09

You big wuss!!!

<<FMV blows nose>>>
Nah, just a bit of a cold, making my eyes water....

Tatties Wed 28-Feb-07 20:15:26


Actually this morning I just about held it together while it was on...

<How you doing FMV?>

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