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The best TV packages / provider (except Sky)

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Kanga59 Mon 30-Jan-17 20:56:16

I called sky and cancelled our TV package today. I just feel its a lot of money and we only watch one or two channels and maybe a film or two a month.

I've heard good things from friends about Netflix. And a google search led me to Now TV. What do you do regards to TV packages? Is Sky really the best bet?

I have ruled out Virgin so that's a definite no-no. I'm looking for expert recommendations on how best to satisfy my TV needs!

Things we love to watch - GOT, Walking Dead. And the odd box-set binge (although having paid for Sky box sets for the last year, we haven't watched one on there, although would quite have fancies Suits but I believe this is Netflix only)

We don't have a smart TV btw.

Thanks in advance.

gamerwidow Sun 12-Feb-17 19:00:46

I have now tv, Amazon video and Netflix so can advise on these 3.

Now tv entertainment package will give you all the tv you can watch with a sky subscription for £6.99/month. There's no contract so if you like GOT for example you could just subscribe for the 4 months that it's on and then cancel.

I personally think Amazon Prime has the best new TV at the moment. Highlights are: Outlander, Braindead, the man in the high castle, transparent, preacher, sneaky Pete, unReal, Mr Robot, and more. Plus the movies are better than Netflix imo (although now tv best for movies but is an extra £9.99/month for the movie package).

Netflix also good especially if you like Marvel because the original series of daredevil, Jessica jones and Luke cage some of the best shows on there.

All the above need an internet connection and a device to watch them on via your tv.

Now tv boxes retail at around £15 for the set top box and a months subscription but you can use any device that plugs into your tv and has an internet connection to watch either of the 3 options e.g. PS3, PS4, Xbox etc.

I watch via a Roku stick (£25 from memory) which plugs into the hdmi port of your tv and can connect to all of the tv services plus YouTube and others.

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