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My Little Pony

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govind123 Sun 29-Jan-17 20:26:59

my 4 year old son has moved in his viewing choices from paw patrol to Ben&Holly to Thomas & Friends and is now addicted to My Little Pony

is this a passing fad?

MaybeTimeNow Sun 29-Jan-17 20:30:43

Not so far here, ds has been on MLP for about a year... I can name far too many ponies.

MarjorySunshineDust Sun 29-Jan-17 21:35:26

My dd has been heavily into mlp for a long time! So much so that we regularly have to pretend to be members of the Apple family grin

MrsBungle Sun 29-Jan-17 21:36:23

My ds is 4 and loves mlp. I cannot stand it.

MusicToMyEars800 Sun 29-Jan-17 21:48:01

I have 2 dds aged 4 and 6 and they love my little pony, it drives me mad!! and they play games where they pretend to be the ponies dd 6 love rainbow dash dd4 love pinky pie.. I am hoping they will grow out of it grin

LilQueenie Sun 29-Jan-17 21:49:50

Why does it matter? If he enjoys it then he's happy.

PersisFord Sun 29-Jan-17 21:51:34

I love it, it's my favourite kids tv show. I watched it long before I had kids and I was so excited when they were old enough to watch it. Sadly they don't like it at all so i have to bribe them to watch it with me by letting them watch YouTube on my iPad.

I can't ever decide who is Munich favourite though. I think that's why I like it so much!! Not fluttershy or rarity though.

PersisFord Sun 29-Jan-17 21:52:04

*my favourite.

Munich has nothing to do with this!!

MsAwesomeDragon Sun 29-Jan-17 21:54:47

Dd has been into it for about 2 years. We have just about every pony toy ever made and she keeps finding more to buy with her pocket money.

Trollspoopglitter Sun 29-Jan-17 21:56:24

Wait until he starts pointing out the missing cutie marks on all horses.

noblegiraffe Sun 29-Jan-17 21:59:34

MLP is way better than bloody Thomas.

SavoyCabbage Sun 29-Jan-17 22:01:39

You should watch the Brony documentary.

Rubyslippers7780 Sun 29-Jan-17 22:02:37

My son too... I spend hours imagining Rarity as a mean drunk...

Isadora2007 Sun 29-Jan-17 22:05:11

DS is four and loves it too. Minecraft is now surging forward in his interests but mlp a firm fav still.

MrsRhettButler Sun 29-Jan-17 22:06:59

Applejack's voice reeeeally grates on me..

Butterflies27 Sun 29-Jan-17 22:15:10

I long for the day of watching mlp, ugh Peppa and paw patrol are the worst. Nanny Plum in Ben & Holly is my only enjoyment so far.

noblegiraffe Sun 29-Jan-17 22:19:27

Applejack's voice is a bit annoying, Rarity's is more annoying, but most annoying goes to Fluttershy. She's such a drip.

Trollspoopglitter Sun 29-Jan-17 22:36:01

I...wait...Bronies...what? confused

A1Sharon Sun 29-Jan-17 22:39:18

Oh my goodness! My dream to have a MLP never came true. I didn't realise there was a to show! I am so getting DS into this, then he will want the ponies, and I can brush, and braid and finally be complete!
Thank you!

NotSoHankyPanky Sun 29-Jan-17 22:47:58

My DH adores MLP. Only show he will sit and watch with the kids!

DJKKSlider Sun 29-Jan-17 22:54:41

MLP fan here too.
I fear I wish i were Pinkie but really I'm Flutter Shy sad

FrankiesKnuckle Sun 29-Jan-17 23:31:39

MLP obsessed 3.5yr old in this house.
She's picked up one particular phrase from the show, said in a quasi Atlantic accent too..... "are you crazy?"
Cute. The first time.

RedRoseMummy Mon 30-Jan-17 11:22:57

My 4yo is obsessed. We gave days at a time where she will only answer to Applejack. My house is full of ponies grin

SantasLittleMonkeyButler Mon 30-Jan-17 11:27:56

DD (5) is also heavily into MLP at the moment.

More specifically Series 4, Episode 11. Something to do with Pinkie Pie, a pony called Cheese Sandwich and party planning. The song Pinkie Pie sings in that episode is my permanent ear worm hmm. DD plays it over & over to sing along.

SantasLittleMonkeyButler Mon 30-Jan-17 11:29:57

I spend hours imagining Rarity as a mean drunk

She so would be grin.

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