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Top Gear

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Whizzz Sun 25-Feb-07 20:09:52

Is this programme turning into a slapstick comedy programme?? After watching the stupidity of the TG team driving through dodgy 'intolerant' parts of america with phrases like 'I like gays' daubed on their cars & almost getting shot. I have just watched them undermining the serious message of not taking chances on level crossings with silly jokes about not wearing Hiz Viz jackets.
Sorry about the 'Points of View' toned rant

babywhiting Sun 25-Feb-07 20:11:01

never miss it its great!!!! am watching it at mo!!!

Whizzz Sun 25-Feb-07 20:15:10

Yes I like it BUT I think its getting very silly & irresponsible (maybe I'm just getting old grin])

TeetheCeeofDavedom Sun 25-Feb-07 20:16:36

I love it.

Steward Mon 26-Feb-07 09:01:48

I am loving it at the moment. I must admit it has made me laugh in places.

themaskedposter Mon 26-Feb-07 09:03:16

love it here too ... they 'sail incredibly close to the wind' tho' ...

harpsichordcarrier Mon 26-Feb-07 09:03:29

yes, me too, I think it's cracking at the moment. it's just entertainment

Twinkie1 Mon 26-Feb-07 09:07:12

I love it and would love to be trapped anywhere with Jeremy Clarkeson - don't understand the actress woman from last night though - she looked dead weird!!

purplemonkeydishwasher Mon 26-Feb-07 09:12:44

I've been so that it's just about my favourite show at the moment.
I've never watched it before this series but i'm loving it!

chirpygirl Mon 26-Feb-07 09:19:54

Love it and always have done, but it is me or do they all seem a bit closer and more pally this season after the 'events' of this year?

It just seems they are a lot more comfortable with each other, which is why we love watching it as it really is like eavesdropping on 3 blokes down the pub!

Tutter Mon 26-Feb-07 09:21:28

love it

chacha3 Mon 26-Feb-07 09:26:05

hi whats the other presenters name? not jeremy! the one that had the crash?

Twinkie1 Mon 26-Feb-07 09:29:29

Richard 'Hamster' Hammond - he is about 4 foot tall!!

Cappuccino Mon 26-Feb-07 09:30:18

I too like it

could not believe Kristin Scott Thomas actually thought they wanted to have a conversation about chekhov

had she forgotten where she was?

Biglips Mon 26-Feb-07 09:30:50

we love this programme as its hilarious!!!

chacha3 Mon 26-Feb-07 09:31:32

lol he may be four feet tall but still think he is good looking! lol

Pruni Mon 26-Feb-07 09:33:18

Message withdrawn

twoisplenty Mon 26-Feb-07 09:39:56

Is it me, or have Jeremy and Richard gone off James a bit? Jezza and Hammond are all pally and like doing the schoolboy jokes, and James doesn't seem to approve much.

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