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Teen mom 2

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littlemissM92 Thu 26-Jan-17 21:11:15

Does anyone else LOVE a Chelsea and cole ?! Can't stand the others!

Salemthecat Thu 02-Feb-17 19:47:43

Me! I think Chelsea and cole are a great couple - they both seem to adore each other.
I like Kailyn too and think she's a great mum.
I hope Jenelle is able to keep this up as she seems to be doing really well.
Leah seems like a mess.

TeaAddict235 Thu 02-Feb-17 22:49:59

Funny how everyone develops an attachment to the different characters. We love Kailyn in our house along with Leah and the girls.

DH & I were saying that if Chelsea were our daughter we'd put a dictionary or thesaurus under her pillow as she has such limited syntax! Arrrrggg

ImYourMama Fri 03-Feb-17 05:43:22

Leah and Jenelle are so all over the place it's ridiculous, Kailyn is strong and independent - shame how her and Javi ended up.
I love Chelsea and Aubree's relationship and Cole has slotted in perfectly. DH tells me I must have a separate sky box for my MTV/TLC rubbish telly blush

littlemissM92 Fri 03-Feb-17 07:15:22

Haha yes she has lucked out with cole I think ! Looking forward to showing there new baby I personally arnt a fan of any of the other 3 but love Maci and catelyn from OG x

x2boys Fri 03-Feb-17 19:20:24

i like Kailyn the best leah is just a mess and jenelle needs to grow the fuck up she goes on about nathan as though shes mother of the year??shes been whinging for years hows shes going to get full custody of jace and still hasent managed it,chelsea,s ok but i wish she would stop using baby voices i ,m to invested in this!

littlemissM92 Fri 03-Feb-17 20:21:14

Agree with baby voices but I think she loves
The bones of Aubrey and does a fantastic job to be both parents since Adam is a waste of space !!

FortyFacedFuckers Fri 03-Feb-17 20:25:05

Love Chelsea, Cole and Aubrey. Kail is ok but can't stand Leah & Janelle.

Love maci & caitlyn from OG

CurbsideProphet Fri 03-Feb-17 21:20:15

I tend to fast forward Jenelle now, as it's quite repetitive : shouting matches with Barbara, ex boyfriends etc.

Leah seems to be doing much better. I also really like Chelsea and her relationship with Aubree, Cole, and her parents. Kailyn looks unhappy. Hopefully things will get better for her.

x2boys Fri 03-Feb-17 21:23:34

kailyn has always looked miserable though she hardly the life and soul of the party not sure about cole he looks a bit bland.

x2boys Fri 03-Feb-17 21:35:37

and why does Isacc call both jo and javi daddy i get javi been in his life for years but jo,s always been around and hes always known he was his dad must be confusing for the lad.

littlemissM92 Sun 19-Feb-17 13:51:51

Kailyn is fucking horrible ?!?!?

cookielove Sun 19-Feb-17 13:58:55

Awww I like Kailyn I think she has issues trusting people due to the really shit childhood she had! She must find it hard to make relationships work also Javi doesn't make things easy as he doesn't like Jo and makes everything so tense.

Part of me is still upset for Leah and the father of the twins (his name escapes me right now) no hope there but they were so good together. And now he is all angry (all the time)

I do like Chelsea, Adam is such a dick! Ugh he had her on the hook for so long! Glad she has finally seen since. She kept herself out of the dating scene for years and focused on Aubrey which worked for her but agree the voice is annoying.

No one is more annoying than Farrah from OG dear god she is just awful.

littlemissM92 Sun 19-Feb-17 14:14:00

Haha yes about farrah ! I like maci from OG

Kaitlyn on this weeks was just so horrible to him about him giving her keys and not opening his mail in the houses etc really nasty!?

cookielove Sun 19-Feb-17 18:10:02

I have fallen out of watching it due to our sky box failing so must go back and catch up

ttcnovice Sun 19-Feb-17 19:04:46

I have found my people! Cole is gorgeous, and great with Aubree - Chelsea has lucked out with him!

littlemissM92 Sun 19-Feb-17 19:26:31

She certainly has ! wink

CurbsideProphet Sun 19-Feb-17 21:28:50

I think that more has happened with Javi than is being said on Teen Mom 2. From what I saw on Instagram, he messed around Kaitlyn with will we/won't we stay together /get a divorce.

Chelsea has lucked out. Cole seems v nice and normal!

TeaAddict235 Mon 20-Feb-17 19:14:17

Did Javi mess around whilst on duty? If so, that's quite common for soldiers as they miss their spouses (according to my pa hmm)
Kailyn comes across as so cold, she could have just let Javi stay for a while in the guest room rather than shoving his stuff into the garage. Actually she comes across on screen as a cruella de Ville, and Jo has turned around with his polished halo.

CurbsideProphet Mon 20-Feb-17 21:01:33

Yes Javi seems to want to have his cake and eat it. As Kailyn said, she has had 6 months raising the boys, running the house, working and going to uni, while Javi deliberated over whether he wanted to still be married. I would also be pretty unhappy at him coming home and suddenly "getting in my business" grin

tropical1 Wed 22-Feb-17 21:20:10

Just watched tonight's episode where kailyn and Javi have a fight.
I feel so sorry for poor issac, he must feel so confused and let down to lose another dad. Good on Jo for being so understanding. I never liked kailyn much but I think she has handled this situation really badly.

TheFairyCaravan Wed 22-Feb-17 21:28:22

I love Chelsea and Cole. Their new baby is so cute. Both she and Jenelle had their babies on the same day iirc.

I feel desperately sorry for Kailyn. Javi has controlling issues. She couldn't do anything with her friends without him kicking off, and then he decided he wanted a divorce because she said she didn't want anymore children.

As a military wife, who has done deployments, with 2 kids and a job I completely get that. It's bloody hard work. I think he was selfish for not even listening to her, or trying to understand. It was nope, that's it. Divorce time!

I like Leah. I think she tries hard. She got with Cory on the rebound and conceived the twins quickly, then she got with Jeremy and did the same thing again. She seems to be doing better now.

Jenelle is just Jenelle. I wish she and her mum could get along better for Jace's sake.

I watch it on my Firestick so am up to date with the USA so am trying desperately hard not to give anything away.

CitrusSun Thu 23-Feb-17 04:51:14

Really upsetting to see the hurt and confusion Isaac is going through, surprised at how insensitive Kaitlyn appears to be at the moment, thought she was more tuned in, hope Isaac feels safer and happier again soon, difficult to watch

x2boys Thu 23-Feb-17 12:51:52

Jenelle is just a bitch why wear tight clothes making it obvious shes pregnant and then refuse to admit it attention seeking! also not sure about her new boyfriend there was an episode where kaiser was whiney about getting in a boat and new boyfriend said kaiser wants his own way just like his dad, no he wants his own way because hes two and thats what two yr olds do !

Angelto5 Thu 23-Feb-17 14:57:38

I'm not sure what to make of the Kailyn & javi situation.

The fact she didn't want to discuss it was odd. Do we know for sure she had another man in her house? I definitely think something big has happened that we don't know about for her behaviour toward javi but without knowing I can't decide how to feel. But absolutely feel sorry for Issac- he looked crushed in the episode before about the possibility of not having a bedroom at javi's new house.

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