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Terry Pratchett: Back In Black BBC2 on Saturday 11th at 9 p.m

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JustAnotherSilentOldNumber Thu 26-Jan-17 15:00:53

The BBC have announced they are filming a Docudrama about the life of Terry Pratchett. Paul Kaye will Play Sir Terry.
He certainly looks the part, that's him in the photo, I just hope he can do the voice justice without going over the top with the lisp.

No airdate yet.

icyfront Thu 26-Jan-17 19:50:53

Rob is involved, so it will likely be as Terry would have liked.

mrwalkensir Fri 27-Jan-17 22:05:11

thanks for the heads-up

JustAnotherSilentOldNumber Mon 06-Feb-17 20:33:07

I've just seen the Advert advertising this after eastenders.... He doesn't sound good.

icyfront Mon 06-Feb-17 21:12:54

I haven't seen the advert, but I suspect the documentary will be as challenging and heartbreaking to watch as the Dignitas documentary he made a few years ago.

The programme is being aired on BBC2 on Saturday 11th at 9 p.m. I've set it to record, as I suspect I won't be able to watch it while it's being aired. I think it's going to be a programme that I'd need to put on pause to do some thinking.

JustAnotherSilentOldNumber Mon 06-Feb-17 21:14:46

Here's the trailer

MipMipMip Thu 09-Feb-17 13:02:57

The voice on the advert sounds like a really bad caricature.

JustAnotherSilentOldNumber Fri 10-Feb-17 16:04:28

The voice on the advert sounds like a really bad caricature.

I'm hoping the voice in the actual docudrama is better.

RaisinsAndApple Fri 10-Feb-17 16:25:09

Ooh, I'll be watching whenever it comes on - thanks smile

JustAnotherSilentOldNumber Fri 10-Feb-17 16:31:30

BBC2 on Saturday 11th at 9 p.m!!!

JustAnotherSilentOldNumber Fri 10-Feb-17 19:30:27

Thank you MNHQ for amending the title!!

JustAnotherSilentOldNumber Sat 11-Feb-17 21:00:48

on now

TisapityshesaGeordie Sat 11-Feb-17 21:56:34

Oh gosh, it was sad. Hard to watch; I do miss him

coldcanary Sat 11-Feb-17 22:43:30

That last 10 minutes made me cry and I never cry at the tv. Paul Kaye was pretty good I thought.
Don't think Nightwatch was his best Discworld book though, if pushed I would say Jingo or the Fifth Elephant. Equal Rites maybe.
Sod it, I couldn't choose!

JustAnotherSilentOldNumber Sun 12-Feb-17 06:14:47

That was far better than i was expecting.

thenightmanageress Sun 12-Feb-17 06:23:34

I watched it with DP who loves Sir Terry & every novel. He hasn't read the last as says he just can't bring himself to have 'finished' his books.

I, on the other hand, have never read one. But, we both sat on sofa with a tear in our eye during this programme. Such a cruel waste for such a talent.

MiaowTheCat Sun 12-Feb-17 10:32:16

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

CoolCarrie Sun 12-Feb-17 13:22:35

Do I need to read the books in order? I have read The Colour of Magic.
I felt the same about Ruth Rendell, saving her last book...

JustAnotherSilentOldNumber Sun 12-Feb-17 13:38:35

No you don't need to read them in order.

You might want to read ones about the same character in order (i started with mort, Reaperman, soul music and the hog ather, which makes up the Death quadology), but even this isn't necessary.

I can't finish the colour of magic, it's just not very good imo.

JustAnotherSilentOldNumber Sun 12-Feb-17 13:39:25

The same with 'the dark side of the sun' i couldn't get into it.

CoolCarrie Sun 12-Feb-17 13:57:54

Thank you

Cooroo Mon 20-Feb-17 21:33:09

Just watched and cried when Neil Gaiman did. Lovely to see Terry's daughter too. Also Colin Smythe who I spoke to often in 1982 but never met. He chose our small company to typeset The Colour of Magic, giving me the most fun I've ever had at work! In those days you still had to type in every word, making me one of the first people to read TCOM!

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