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Which act won 'When Will I Be Famous' tonight ?

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catsmother Sat 24-Feb-07 22:32:35

I'm asking on behalf of someone else.

Did anyone watch the result ?


SparklyGothKat Sat 24-Feb-07 22:35:27

dunno, missed it lol

Ceolas Sat 24-Feb-07 22:37:24

The pipers

catsmother Sat 24-Feb-07 22:38:19

Thanks very much !

brimfull Sat 24-Feb-07 22:41:48

really,I thought the pole dancing man should have won.I thought the pipers were crap and embarassing to watch.

anniebear Sun 25-Feb-07 10:01:08

that pole man was amazing wasn't he

I just sat there going "wow"!!!!!!!!!!!!

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