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Suits is coming back

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Optimist1 Mon 23-Jan-17 16:28:02

on 29th Jan at 10pm on Dave!

mrswhiplington Tue 24-Jan-17 10:41:09

Already set to record.grin Love this programme. I wonder if it will get more viewers now that 'Rachel' is Harry's girlfriend?

Optimist1 Tue 24-Jan-17 13:55:29

You could be right about the viewing figures @mrswhiplington !

alteredimages Tue 24-Jan-17 18:33:10

I really hope she is written out soon. I don't have any problem with Meghan Markle, I just think that Rachel has turned into such a shit character. All she seems to do is coo over Mike.

I hope that the writers don't mess around with Louis Litt as much as they usually do. He is my favourite character closely followed by Donna.

Mike annoys me and Harvey is getting a bit repetitive. I have only seen up to the end of season 5 because Suits is not broadcast where I am and I am too cheap to pay £18.99 for the season on Amazon.

Optimist1 Tue 24-Jan-17 19:05:14

Yes, Donna and Louis are the best! Once Mike's dark secret was out in the open, his and Harvey's appeal plummeted for me.

alteredimages Wed 25-Jan-17 11:21:54

Yep. I just love the way that Louis cares too much, pretty much always has a legitimate grievance, is in the right, and then finds a way to take it just a little bit too far and totally screw everything up. I also find his character as a very gifted lawyer but still a human being who gets stuff wrong more appealing that Harvey who always manages to front it out even when he is having a panic attack.

Looks like Suits will be ending soon and I really hope that Rick Hoffman finds another show because he is the best actor on Suits.

mrswhiplington Wed 25-Jan-17 15:24:35

alteredimages are you Rick Hoffman's agent?grin

Lewis is my favourite character too. Love watching Harvey as well though.blush

alteredimages Wed 25-Jan-17 19:43:03

No, unfortunately not mrswhiplington. I just worry that as the least photogenic of the cast he may struggle to find other roles. I may be slightly overinvested. grin

I can't say I mind Harvey either, but he is becoming rather dull.

CactusFred Wed 25-Jan-17 19:47:55

Does anyone have any suggestions where I can get this without Dave? Sacked off Sky package but kept freesat and there's no Dave!!

It's my fave show but even that's not worth the £70 a month Sky were getting!

MarasmeAbsolu Wed 25-Jan-17 19:52:48

stupid question: which season?
an even more stupid: can I record anything with BT-TV?

I saw whatever is on netflix, and then happily watched more (binged all in 3 nights) while on a work trip on the continent (I think til the end of season 5?)

girlelephant Wed 25-Jan-17 19:58:57

Very excited.

alteredimages Wed 25-Jan-17 19:58:58

Netflix has seasons 1 to 5. You can buy season 6 on Amazon for £18.99 and can watch it anywhere in the world but it only adds new episodes once they have been broadcast in UK.

Otherwise, does Dave have catch up tv on their website?

Optimist1 Wed 25-Jan-17 20:09:16

I think UKTV website might offer it on demand, but not 100% sure, Cactus.

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