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Endeavour - new series

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Iwantacampervan Sun 08-Jan-17 17:41:34

A new series of 'Endeavour' starts tonight. According to the review in the paper there's a link to the very first Morse ('The Dead of Jericho') in this episode as it was aired 30 years ago! As the weather was miserable this morning and I had knitting to do, I watched that Morse episode to remind myself of the story/characters and also to laugh and cringe at the fashions of the time.

diddl Sun 08-Jan-17 17:50:42

Ooh good I really like this series.

I remember that Morse episode. Gemma Jones & James Laurenson.

Colin Dexter walking along a cloister.

LIZS Sun 08-Jan-17 22:00:13

Found it tricky to follow in places as lighting was so dark. What was the Morse link?

Helenluvsrob Sun 08-Jan-17 22:02:47

What was the link I didn't spot it?

Nowtherave Sun 08-Jan-17 22:30:16

The actor who was the guy in the wheelchair also appeared in The Death of Jericho, I think, as Ann Staveley's lover? Bit tenuous but a nod nevertheless.

Loved The Day Today reference at the pool - "no-one died"

I find the plots tricky sometimes tbh but love looking for the cultural references and links to later Morse.

Tagetes Mon 09-Jan-17 11:09:22

I liked Thursday describing the reboot of the computer as 'so basically you turn it off and turn it on again' smile

What was the significance of the tarot cards at the end?

blackbunny Mon 09-Jan-17 13:43:38

I didn't get why Endeavour's exam paper "disappeared" because he had pissed a lot of people off according to Bright.Bright didn't like him, but who else disliked him enough to sabotage his promotion prospects?
And why are they all devastated at Joan leaving? She was a grown woman who decided to leave home, no biggie

LIZS Mon 09-Jan-17 13:56:36

Didn't the Thursdays also have a son at home in previous series? I'm guessing turning up bodies of young women is pretty disconcerting when they don't know her whereabouts.

Pogolphin Mon 09-Jan-17 14:13:15

I think he turned down the Masons or some such group and refused to play the game. Is Morse in love with Joan? The son joined the army.

It was interesting to see some sixties architecture.

Iwantacampervan Mon 09-Jan-17 15:44:03

In the first Morse ('Dead of Jericho') he didn't get a promotion because it was felt that he didn't 'play the game' I thought this was a connection between the two as well as both having a note being found tucked in another object.

diddl Mon 09-Jan-17 17:52:31

I'm just watching it.

What's the music at the beginning????

Looked on Imdb-where else can I look or is anyone feeling kind enough to tell me?

SilverHawk Mon 09-Jan-17 21:22:37

I've always enjoyed watching Morse and Endeavour and I have learnt never to second guess....
I thought last night's episode was rather humdrum and just a filler but I really disliked the filming; Through windows, through railings, using reflections in windows and mirrors hmm no thanks.
diddl the music credit was at the end IIRC

SilverHawk Mon 09-Jan-17 21:36:54

Just seen you wanted music at beginning.. Gnossienne No1.

diddl Tue 10-Jan-17 08:21:20

Thank you.

Can't think where else I've heard it-something else to bug me!

cheesydoesit Tue 10-Jan-17 20:12:32

It was at the end of the Poirot episode Five Little Pigs. Maybe that's it? It's a gorgeous piece of music.

Clawdy Tue 10-Jan-17 22:15:07

Glad it is back, and enjoyed it, love the main actors, but it was all a bit over the top really, too many strands, then a chase at the end.

diddl Wed 11-Jan-17 12:01:22

That could be it, cheesy.

Was also in Chocolat apparently.

SilverHawk Wed 11-Jan-17 20:26:21

Some of his music is on Finding Nemo, so I've been told.
Just been listening to his music, beautiful and relaxing.

stonecircle Thu 12-Jan-17 00:01:17

I didn't get why Endeavour's exam paper "disappeared" because he had pissed a lot of people

Wasn't it something to do with him having been involved in the death of a senior police officer? I think the series before last ended up with him in jail?

And why are they all devastated at Joan leaving?

The last series ended with her caught up in a bank robbery and she was deeply affected by it. She got up and left early one morning, just leaving a note so they don't know where she is.

Also loved the turn it off and turn it on again line! grin

Megatherium Thu 12-Jan-17 08:03:49

I've been rewatching some from the previous series. In the one about abuse in a children's home, they said at the end that the papers would all be locked away for 50 years. As that was 1966, it would be a great Lewis storyline for him to reopen that case now and sort out all the abusers who got away with it.

JustPoppingBy Thu 12-Jan-17 08:19:22

I really like Endeavour, I wish they'd make them more often or instead of something like Vera, can't stand that.

@LIZS The son went off for National service or something I think.

stonecircle Thu 12-Jan-17 08:51:51

Justpoppingby - I can't STAND Vera! I think Brenda Blethyn is a brilliant actress, but she just can't do the accent and it really grates!

Ragwort Thu 12-Jan-17 08:53:55

stone - agree, my DH loves Vera so sometimes I do sit though it but I hate the way Brenda Blethyn almost makes herself appear as a slightly 'dippy' woman - she is such a brilliant actor and I hate seeing her cast as Vera.

JustPoppingBy Thu 12-Jan-17 11:55:56

She is a good actor, I find it just sooo miserable and depressing, admittedly it's serious subject matter but it never seems to let up!

BringMeTea Tue 17-Jan-17 15:24:18

Love this show. Shaun Evans is great. Also chuckled at the pool: '1961 no one died' homage. I often quote this with DH. Never met anyone else who knows it (or finds it quite as amusing as I do). grin.
Off to watch epsiode 2.

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