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If I loved The OA...

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Jaimx86 Thu 05-Jan-17 21:08:54

and Stranger things (although prefer The OA), what else will I love on Prime/Netflix? I need something to watch whilst waiting for the new Homeland and Designated Survivor.

TeenageCentaurMortificado Sat 07-Jan-17 19:48:28

Same! I binge watched the OA last night/this morning

I also think OA is better than stranger things and I loved that.

Jaimx86 Sat 07-Jan-17 21:37:23

Completely agree--after the first episode I wasn't expecting to love it, but now I can't expect another show that's better. I've watched Sense8 and it doesn't compare at all.

noradurst Sun 08-Jan-17 02:10:55

Brit Marling, the actress from the OA, starred in and I think wrote & directed Another Earth & The Sound of My Voice, films on Prime.

I love, love, love The Leftovers, which has a similar disturbing - magical-realist vibe (with a serious lack of answers). It's where I got my NN. It's not on Prime or Netflix but it's seriously worth a watch! S1 + 2 out now. Very divisive but I love it.

SleightOfMind Sun 08-Jan-17 02:26:28

The Leftovers book was a bit YA though. Does the series depart?

Jcee Sun 08-Jan-17 11:30:20

Loved the OA and stranger things and also leftovers. We are enjoying travellers and the glitch on Netflix now but they don't compare to the oa

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