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Max and Stacy in Eastenders

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willandsamsmum Tue 20-Feb-07 20:01:19

I am so sick of Max (a dog who just can't keep his ** to himself) and Stacy. I so want Tanya to castrate him with the first thing that comes to hand.

Eddas Tue 20-Feb-07 21:54:08

It makes me cringe and shudder whenever I see them together. She's a pretty teenager and he's a balding ginger man with a yucky hairy chest(also ginger), Why would she be with him

Shudder again, ew

Castration would be best course of action, save anyone else from him, shudder, ew

willandsamsmum Wed 21-Feb-07 21:45:57

ITA Eddas. You just wouldn't touch him with a barge pole would you? bleeuuggghhh.

MamaGod Wed 21-Feb-07 21:47:25

I wouldn't touch him with yours

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