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The wait is almost over! Sherlock Series 4!

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CaveMum Sat 31-Dec-16 12:14:10

So excited! I couldn't wait for tomorrow to start a thread grin

whyhastherumgone Sat 31-Dec-16 22:52:14

I'd forgotten! This has cheered me.

CaveMum Sun 01-Jan-17 10:28:33

Less than 12 hours to go! grin

megletthesecond Sun 01-Jan-17 10:37:13

Got the kids up early today so I can hopefully settle them down in time.

GerardNoWay Sun 01-Jan-17 10:39:53

Gah, I'm so excited!

DeepAndCrispAndEvenTheWind Sun 01-Jan-17 10:40:56


whyhastherumgone Sun 01-Jan-17 12:22:06

Might re-watch the last couple
of episodes while eating chocolate orange in preparation

SauvignonBlanche Sun 01-Jan-17 12:25:00

What time is it on? fsmile

CaveMum Sun 01-Jan-17 12:34:33

8.30pm tonight.

WomanFromAnotherPlace Sun 01-Jan-17 13:20:21

Is it a series or a one-off? I was a bit let down by the Victorian episode. Can't wait for tonight's.

DeepAndCrispAndEvenTheWind Sun 01-Jan-17 13:23:03


WomanFromAnotherPlace Sun 01-Jan-17 13:24:08

Ah brilliant!

CaveMum Sun 01-Jan-17 13:47:05

Yup it's the usual 3 x 1.5hr episodes again.

WomanFromAnotherPlace Sun 01-Jan-17 13:48:45

Cool, I honestly thought it was a one off, so even happier now. As much as I love Toby Jones, he is in danger of becoming overkill on the BBC

whyhastherumgone Sun 01-Jan-17 17:34:50

I read that this is likely to be the last series so I hope it's a good one!

CaveMum Sun 01-Jan-17 17:39:27

I think BC said he'd been misinterpreted in an interview about this being the last Sherlock. Something to do with not being able to actually talk about the plot lines.

I hope so at least!

HeyRoly Sun 01-Jan-17 17:41:26


Is it going to go Johnlock though? I really think it will. It would be groundbreaking.

chicaguapa Sun 01-Jan-17 18:05:16

They've all said they want to do another series but that there's a problem with schedules. I think it'll be at least 3 years before we see another series.

Have you seen the story about the bloodhound that wouldn't move? So Mark Gatiss had to rewrite the scene on the spot. We're looking forward to seeing that bit tonight.

There is a tremendous level of expectation in our household. DD is part of the Sherlock fandom and feel superior to other fandoms for having waited so long for this series. (lighthearted)

GerardNoWay Sun 01-Jan-17 18:05:51

Oh, I hope we get Johnlock! halo

SantaIsABastard Sun 01-Jan-17 18:10:35

Where can I watch the older series? It isn't in iplayer?

CaveMum Sun 01-Jan-17 18:14:02

Netflix has Series 1 only but Amazon Prime has all the older episodes.

GerardNoWay Sun 01-Jan-17 18:14:33

Not sure if it will be on iplayer Santa. They showed some of them on Alibi earlier today but it was Series 3, not sure if they showed any earlier ones.

I know at least series 1 and maybe 2 are on Netflix.

AccioWine Sun 01-Jan-17 18:16:07

Aha! I just started a thread asking if there was a thread about this - clearly I need to so some more clueing for looks (sorry, it's my favourite quote, I couldn't resist!). So happy to find you all smile

CremeBrusselsSprouts Sun 01-Jan-17 18:22:10

Ready and waiting for series 4. Did you know that the final episode is being screened in cinemas with an extra 15 minutes of content? We have tickets....

whyhastherumgone Sun 01-Jan-17 18:28:51

oh Netflix has all three for me - are you in UK?
what's Johnlock! Clearly need to up my fan game!

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