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Bad Mother's handbook

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Ulysees Mon 19-Feb-07 21:15:06

on now

colditz Mon 19-Feb-07 21:15:30


SturdyAngel Mon 19-Feb-07 21:16:06


pinkbubble Mon 19-Feb-07 21:16:39

Yes but Im watching that programme on Channel 4 so I have had to find out how to use the video-Is it any good, I have read the book!

kittypants Mon 19-Feb-07 21:17:24

i read book but bit to much like rl for me at the moment

pinkbubble Mon 19-Feb-07 21:19:05

Have tou read any of her other books- I really enjoyed Queen Mum, even thou it was pretty predictable-great holiday read thou!

nikkie Mon 19-Feb-07 21:45:59

NOt struck on Catherine Tate in this though.

Kbear Mon 19-Feb-07 21:55:20

Thought it was going to be good but it's not like the book IRC and Catherine Tate is a screeching old bag and not a great actress in this I have to say!

The Nan is wonderful though.

ledodgy Mon 19-Feb-07 21:58:50

I've been watcvhing it a bit but ds is still awake grrrr. I didn't like the book very much irc it was because I did't like the main character (the mum)but also could have been because I thought I'd bought How Not to Be a Perfect Mother sow as expecting something completely different!

ledodgy Mon 19-Feb-07 21:59:19

Sorry for bad typing as I said ds is still awake!

pinkbubble Mon 19-Feb-07 22:06:06

So is it worth watching the dodgy video that I have managed to get of it!

Mhamai Mon 19-Feb-07 22:12:50

Stick to the comedy Catherine methinks.

Mhamai Mon 19-Feb-07 22:15:24

Great recipe ideas between ad breaks though!

Sobernow Mon 19-Feb-07 22:16:18

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Mhamai Mon 19-Feb-07 22:30:01

Well maybe I'd need to see her play more serious roles withouth rushing to judgment but she just wasn't doing it for me tonight.

karlou Mon 19-Feb-07 22:31:26

I'm glad it's not just me that's disappointed in this. I hoped for much more.

fireflyfairy2 Mon 19-Feb-07 22:33:42

I read the book & liked it, but am left unsure about this tonight. Nan was great. iirc she & daniel got it together in the book..or did I make that up?

JARM Mon 19-Feb-07 22:33:53

I actually enjoyed it!

Im just a sucker for soppy crap I guess, I want to read the book!

ArcticRoll Mon 19-Feb-07 22:35:18

Didn't like the book.
Decided to give the programme a chance.
Switched off after ten mins-very cliched dialogue and two dimensional characters.

mummylin2495 Mon 19-Feb-07 23:01:14

i enjoyed it too ! it was an easy programme to watch without loads of twists etc for my tired brain

nikkie Mon 19-Feb-07 23:11:16

It was good but CT is just too comedy based for anything serious IYKWIM

Molesworth Mon 19-Feb-07 23:12:54

I enjoyed it and wouldn't have bothered watching it but for CT!

DelGirl Mon 19-Feb-07 23:14:23

I thought it was rubbish. It could have been very good as I thought the girl who played the daughter was good and the grandmother too. But Catherine Tate was hopeless and as for the geek character, what was that all about was he really that couples son?! The script wasn't up to much either.

Molesworth Mon 19-Feb-07 23:15:10

@ me enjoying such a load of old tripe!

DelGirl Mon 19-Feb-07 23:15:22

It had the makings of a good story but
it was very disappointing.

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