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If I enjoyed The Good Wife and Desperate Housewives...

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QuackDuckQuack Fri 23-Dec-16 23:11:23

I've also just finished seasons 1-4 of Suits. Any suggestions for what I should watch next? We have Netflix and Amazon Prime.

RFHrules Sat 24-Dec-16 09:44:11

I loved those two. I also recently enjoyed Mad Men, Damages, Gossip Girl, Grey's Anatomy.

TheGruffaloMother Sat 24-Dec-16 09:44:51

Boston Legal.

Scrowy Sat 24-Dec-16 09:51:54

Gossip Girl and Grey's Anatomy although I have to watch GA on Now TV. Mad men is very good but not as 'light' watching.

Becles Tue 27-Dec-16 13:18:31

How to get away with murder, white collar, miss fisher's murder mysteries, designated survivor

lostinabook Tue 27-Dec-16 13:20:15


reallyanotherone Tue 27-Dec-16 13:28:07


Celaena Fri 30-Dec-16 17:54:28

Devious maids

Randomishusername Fri 30-Dec-16 20:35:26

+1 for Mad Men

saltysquid Fri 30-Dec-16 22:54:18

The Americans and Orphan Black

midsomermurderess Sat 31-Dec-16 21:55:39

Revenge. A bit baroque but a great, fun watch.

bonfireheart Mon 02-Jan-17 01:23:13


dovesong Mon 02-Jan-17 01:24:07

Crazy ex girlfriend is really great.

TheRealKimmySchmidt63 Mon 02-Jan-17 23:30:01

Conviction very similar to the good wife on currently I think sky living and this is us currently on ch4 or 5

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