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Celebrity Mastermind -Kadeena Cox?

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Hepzibar Wed 21-Dec-16 19:14:26

Good grief, us that the lowest score ever? 3! 0 on general knowledge round.

noelheadBandAid Wed 21-Dec-16 19:16:19

Poor sod, her mind just went to mush I think.

I'm sure she'll be crying into her gold medals though grin

Hepzibar Wed 21-Dec-16 19:34:50

They are easy when you are sat at home smile

I would make a right fool of myself if I ever went on TV not going to happen

GirlOverboard Wed 21-Dec-16 20:22:24

I'm sorry but - pressure or not - those were some pretty basic questions:

Capital of Egypt... Cairo
Fruit you usually make cider with... apples
Name of a street musician... busker
Open flan made with pastry case and milk and egg filling... quiche
Owner of Winnie The Pooh... Christopher Robin

Sports stars are nearly always rubbish on quiz shows. Maybe they're just so focused on their sport that they don't have time for much else?

GingerMum15 Wed 21-Dec-16 21:01:20

I actually used to work with Kads at Old Trafford. Firstly; she's not only a genuinely NICE person but she's also incredibly well spoken and smart! Currently completing her second degree.

Also, she's not a typical "athlete". She was diagnosed with MS and not only learned to walk again, but won gold medals in TWO sports at the Paralympics (all in the space of 2 years!), something which hadn't been accomplished in twenty years.

So although some may say that being an athlete isn't necessarily an intellectual thing to do; her journey is massively inspiring. She's never given up on it. I personally want to give up on making it out of bed some days (although DS means I can't). I'm definitely proud to call her a friend - however distant that may be!

She's incredibly brave and not a TV personality - good on her for participating. I know I couldn't do it haha!

GingerMum15 Wed 21-Dec-16 21:03:17

They were basic questions but I couldn't tell anyone basic stuff when put under pressue. I constantly put the milk in the sink and the teaspoon in the fridge 😂

Hepzibar Wed 21-Dec-16 21:26:36

She's a competitor, so must have thought she was in with a chance of winning?
The general knowledge questions were indeed basic, so she must have lost it?

GingerMum15 Wed 21-Dec-16 21:46:55

She was more than likely nervous as hell 😂 I clam up on the phone! I think raising awareness for MS society was more on the agenda too! Winning is just a bonus that isn't guaranteed IMO

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