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Black Mirror

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Twogoats Wed 21-Dec-16 17:48:53

Is there a thread on this? I couldn't see it.

Anyway, what do you think of the new series?

I've just finished episode 4, I'm in tears, it was so happy but so sad too!

gunting Wed 21-Dec-16 18:34:25

I think the latest series is 60% good and 40% filler. The good episodes are fantastic though. Is number 4 San Junipero? That was the stand out episode for me.

Twogoats Wed 21-Dec-16 18:56:17

Have you watched them all?

Yes, San Juniper was fantastic. The production was amazing and the acting was great too. So sad at the end though, with those little flicking lights. sad

NotTodaySatan Wed 21-Dec-16 18:59:23

I must be the only person who didn't care for San Junipero.

Episode 3 with Bronn was the high point for me. I like Black Mirror at its darkest.

That said, really enjoyed 1 + 2 as well. Hated episode 5 and and was disappointed with 6. Think it should have stayed as a 3-4 episode series. Expanding it to 6 didn't really work for me.

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