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wineoclockthanks Mon 19-Dec-16 19:17:17

Anyone see it and what do you think?

I quite enjoyed it, a few funny lines and interesting concept (and Goran is always easy to watch grin )

Worth a series link in this house!

Rhubarb01 Thu 29-Dec-16 20:26:35

I've watched the first three episodes now and although it's utter bunkum I have to admit that it's entertaining bunkum and I don't think it takes itself very seriously. I'm a bit of a history buff so I love the idea of flying around in a time machine and landing at important moments in history trying to prevent anyone doing anything to change the course of history and therefore the present. It reminds me a bit of Stargate and a few old episodes of Star Trek where the crew beamed down to what appeared to be past eras of twentieth century. I'm sure there was once a BBC Saturday teatime drama that featured a time machine and I don't mean Dr Who.

I liked the line about needing to get some paperweights in episode 2 as I'd been thinking the same thing myself every time the contents of the Lab flew around the room as the 'Lifeboat' it shot off somewhere into the stratosphere.

DrinkReprehensibly Fri 30-Dec-16 10:58:55

I'm really enjoying it. It's like a cross between Quantum Leap and Stargate. Just like all other time travel stuff, you just have to suspend all disbelief, but as can of both Terminator (first 2) and Back to the Future, I can manage that.

I've just started episode 3. Not clear on who the bad guys are and what Johnson from Peep Show is up to. I like the side storyline that her personal life keeps changing as well.

Wex Fri 30-Dec-16 16:39:27

I love a good time travel and this is one. Very gentle entertaining tosh .

I'm also watching Frequency and Travellers. Mighty confusing grin.

Autumnchill Fri 30-Dec-16 16:42:19

Only seen the first one but enjoyed it enough to give it another go

mummydawn07 Fri 30-Dec-16 22:17:50

love it, I enjoy escaping reality in a good tv show, I can't wait to see the whole series I've only watched first episode haven't had a chance to watch the other episodes yet.

mummydawn07 Fri 30-Dec-16 22:17:50

love it, I enjoy escaping reality in a good tv show, I can't wait to see the whole series I've only watched first episode haven't had a chance to watch the other episodes yet.

mummydawn07 Fri 30-Dec-16 22:17:50

love it, I enjoy escaping reality in a good tv show, I can't wait to see the whole series I've only watched first episode haven't had a chance to watch the other episodes yet.

mummydawn07 Fri 30-Dec-16 22:18:55

wasn't supposed to post that 3 times, stupid fooking laptop being laggy

DodoRevival Thu 05-Jan-17 09:29:03

Was about to start a thread about this.

I just watching episode 4 (they are in Nazi Germany) and Wyatt asked for a 23 in the pub. Anyone know what that is?

Obviously not legal seeing he asked if there was any in the back.

Rhubarb01 Thu 05-Jan-17 15:40:03

I may be totally wrong on this as I haven't re-watched it so I'm sure someone can correct me but I thought he asked for a Remy 23 which I took to be some sort of cognac. Another thought, as much as I know Ian Fleming was in MI6, they must be taking a lot of artistic licence to have him operating as an undercover SS Officer in Germany - I stand ready to be corrected on that one too - silly but still quite fun.

I'm still enjoying the concept of this series but I do find it a bit rushed - I suppose it's made for an American market with tons of advert breaks but it does mean that it ends up being a bit disjointed.

Still it's the Alamo next week!

DodoRevival Thu 05-Jan-17 15:50:52

Ian Fleming was in some sort of intelligence military thingie

Could have been Remy 23 - make more sense than '23' anyway!!

Watching with DS1 (first series we've ever been both interested in. I'm enjoying the silliness too

MTWTFSS Thu 05-Jan-17 15:53:30

Note: In my opinion it only starts getting good from episode 8.

Rhubarb01 Thu 05-Jan-17 15:59:04

Thanks for that MTWTFSS. I know it started in the US in October and I read a couple of reviews which also implied it got better as it went on. I also understand that four more episodes were added which is a good sign.

I quite like the idea that it's a good excuse to pick up on interesting historical details. I'm assuming that the detail about the priest holes in the castle is probably true. I bet the writers had fun deciding what to do with the stories.

DodoRevival Thu 05-Jan-17 17:01:01

Priest holes? Castle? Have I missed (or more likely forgotten) one?

Episode 1: Hindenburg
Episode 2: Lincoln
Episode 3: JKF / mistress
Episode 4: Nazi Germany meets James Bond

TheBruteSquad Thu 05-Jan-17 17:25:20

The castle and priest holes are in the Nazi Germany episode.

DodoRevival Thu 05-Jan-17 17:46:27

Hmm, so the one I've just watched.

<saunters around whistling>

Nothing to see here, as you were ...

Graphista Fri 06-Jan-17 06:08:34

Enjoying the series but yes a lot of licence being used.

Eg Ian Fleming was a navy man and mostly concerned with the southern med during wwii I think he (character) said he was 'MI6' he was actually NID which was the naval intelligence branch. MI6 despite the name was mostly civilian recruits. And impersonating a high ranking nazi officer would have been a rare occurrence if ever - better to play a foot soldier and try to escape notice.

Judith exners claims of jfk working with the mafia to bring down Castro are generally regarded as ahem inaccurate.

I'm not as familiar with the Hindenburg and Lincoln histories (must do some reading on these)

Graphista Thu 12-Jan-17 02:04:44

Anyone still watching?

Rhubarb01 Thu 12-Jan-17 13:56:16

Yes, I'm still watching. I'm starting to be more intrigued by the reason why Garcia Flynn is travelling around apparently trying to muck about with history - I suspect he's not necessarily as bad as he is supposed to be. At some point I reckon our three 'heroes' are going to discover something about this mystery organisation and become very uncomfortable with what they are doing.

Graphista Thu 12-Jan-17 14:50:49

Yes but I thought that from the start and it was confirmed for me by the older white dude (Anthony bruhl according to IMDb?) in the jfk episode who rufus knew and rufus got sceptical then too as he was saying bruhl lived for his family and was a good man yet he's on flynn's side.

So it seems Flynn and bruhl know about some future event that's a 'bad thing' that they're trying to stop that 'our heroes' don't know about and their ignorance is being used to manipulate them by the mysterious 'rittenhouse' which we don't yet know is that a person or an organisation?

slalomsuki Sun 19-Feb-17 16:22:17

Anybody still watching this?

It's easy viewing and I quite like the historical links to it. Goran is likeable and seems to have lost a lot of his Eastern European accent a lot compared to previous series he has been in.

picklemepopcorn Sun 19-Feb-17 16:29:30

Ive just got to the episode involving Rittenburg and a child, if that is obscure enough. Still watching because DH is watching. It's inoffensive light viewing. I wouldn't lie awake worrying if I missed an episode though. I'm frustrated by the inconsistency. They change so much, every single time, and never worry about it.

Rhubarb01 Sun 19-Feb-17 16:55:13

I'm still watching! Mostly I enjoy the Lucy and Wyatt dynamic and, being a history lover, all the little historical references and characters that just pop up. I think the plot is complicated to follow and the whole changing history concept in terms of how far-reaching one small change could be is difficult to get your head round (but I don't understand Dr Who). Actually, I'm surprised they haven't manged to erase themselves from history yet. However, I like it and it passes an hour on a Wednesday!

Rhubarb01 Sun 19-Feb-17 16:57:55

or even managed to erase themselves.

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