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Ginnifer Goodwin - Once Upon a Time - Snow

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ShadowMane Sat 17-Dec-16 21:59:53

I think Ginnifer Goodwin (Once Upon a Time - Snow) is really beautiful, but i really hate her hairstyle and think it doesnt do her any favours

i know its a really personal thing, but i think that when shes got longer hair shes show stopping!

JazzAnnNonMouse Thu 22-Dec-16 21:45:34

I agree. Hate her short hair and I usually like short hair on women as much as long

HoHoHammered Thu 22-Dec-16 21:47:53

I think they only do it so it's obvious when she's Mary Margert and when she's Snow

LouiseBrooks Thu 22-Dec-16 21:54:02

Is this still on tv? I saw 2 series I think, then it disappeared.

HoHoHammered Thu 22-Dec-16 21:54:39

It's on Netflix.

Up to season..6 I think. Or is it 7?

tribpot Thu 22-Dec-16 21:55:25

It doesn't suit everyone - Nashville fans will recall when Scarlett cut off her long blonde curls, the resulting elfin cut was (and is) not at all flattering. As with GG, Clare Bowen who plays Scarlett is a very talented performer and really can do whatever the hell she wants with her hair, but I would like it if she went for something else.

LouiseBrooks Sat 24-Dec-16 23:39:03

Thanks Ho ho, I wondered where it had gone. I'm surprised it's lasted so long though. I really liked it but would have thought it had a limited shelf life to be honest.

TimTamTerrier Sat 24-Dec-16 23:45:19

I prefer her hair short, but it could be a more flattering cut. I think she has quite fine features and the long hair dominates her face to much, although she does look good when the long hair is tied back or put up. I think she's also been pregnant for quite a chunk of filming (babies in 2014 and 2016 according to Wiki) and there have been times when her face has been fuller and the short hair suited her less.

crystalgall Sat 24-Dec-16 23:49:45

She seems to be permanently pregnant. I know it's only been twice but she is constantly covered up and made to weary big bulky clothing. It really distracts me because I'm always noticing it! Maybe because she's filming recently after giving birth and theyvwant to cover up her post partum tum?! Just let the woman wear some decent clothes!

crystalgall Sat 24-Dec-16 23:50:46

Oh in answer to OP I don't think it does her any favours especially with a fuller face.

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